Spirit Airlines 2017 Personal Item Luggage Test- 18"x14"x8"

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oh crap so yeah this does not fit hello

and welcome to my channel today I'm

going to be sharing with you the results

of a little baggage experiment that I

did up at my local airport after finding

out what spirits their fare meant and

the fact that it only included one free

personal item and that it had very

strict restrictions on the measurement

so I figured I'd going up there with the

luggage that I have and show you what

that looks like in terms of fitting into

spirits little section that you can see

here they little baggage measurement

section so I'm going to start off with a

few pieces of luggage that I own so I

have this bag here I have my handy-dandy

tape measure that I'll be using to show

you the measurements off these bags and

show you how they fit into spirits

personal item which should measure I

think eighteen by fourteen by 8 so you

senior I have a cooler which is pretty

much any water not a water cooler but

like a cooler that you would store like

your cool beverages and you know take at

the beach at this opening here and you

can stick your hand in there so it's

really not a travel bag but when it

comes on to traveling you're pretty much

gonna do whatever you want in terms of

luggage so I figured let me take this

bag up there see how it fits so I wanted

to put something in the bag so I put

these pillows in there and what these

pillows will do is sort of mimic what it

would look like when these bags are

packed so I put these in there to kind

of fill these bags out and I'll do that

right now before I go ahead and start

measuring this bag so let me go on and

shut this down

and I'll start with my measurements so

you want to measure the length the width

and the height of the item so this is

one in particular it's 18 inches long

and it's 11 inches wide across the top

and then it's 12 inches high from the

bottom of the bag to the top so this bag

here already you can see it's outside of

spirits range however you know it would

have worked perfectly had the width on

the top not being so great so we're like

half of what it is or sort of like a

laptop case like a briefcase or

something like that then it would have

worked and actual

this bag you can kind of make it smaller

by using these velkoz velcro straps at

the side however it makes my pretty

awkward shape to be traveling with so I

don't know this is ideal but anyway I

did take it and brought it up to my

local airport and pretty soon you'll be

seeing the results of this bag when it's

put into that spirit measuring section

so I put it in here and you can see me

kind of fitting it in and just like I

was saying the top of the bag is just

not perfect for this kind of situation

you can cram it in but it's just what it

just would be in kind of an awkward type

off fit but maybe you know no one will

say anything to you and you're just

walking by and you can see that it would

fit nicely into their carry-on section

that one that you pay for but for the

personal item not so much so moving on

to this floral bag which is a bag that I

bring with me when I go traveling all

the time it's usually my carry-on on on

the other planes like my handbag

so this one is twenty point five inches

long it's 11 inches wide and 10 inches

high so really still outside those

measurements but one of the things that

is a plus with this bag is the fact that

it is soft sided so therefore as you can

see if you don't overstuff this bag you

can easily fit it in and that will

probably be my plan if I carry a bag

like this just make sure that I don't

overstuff it and once again you will see

that this bag would easily fit into

their paid carry-on section but that is

not my aim here I'm trying to get away

with just my free personal item so I'm

moving on to this perma bag once more

this is another kind of soft bag it's 22

inches long by 10 inches wide by 11

inches high so this one is actually

pretty expandable like you could stuff

it full of a lot of items but for this

particular one I think I'll have to

employ the same method earlier which is

basically don't overstuff the bag so you

have a chance to fit it into the

personal item measurer just in case that

becomes necessary and then after this I

will just show you that this bag you

know obviously fits into the carry-on

with a charge with no problem

so moving on to the small suitcase

section so this one here is a little

carry-on suitcase that I bought at IKEA

and this one actually when you're

measuring suitcases you have to measure

all the way from the handles all the way

down to the wheels all of those have to

fit into their measurer in order for it

to be allowed so this one is 22 inches

long by 14 and a half inches wide by six

and a half inches high so as you can

tell this one is already outside the

range and because it is not flexible at

all look what happens this thing just

won't fit this one will have to stay at

home it fits into your carry-on bag

section with that charge once again

which I am NOT looking for so moving on

to my final piece of luggage which is my

little orange suitcase that I already

made a video about I love the suitcase

and normally I take it everywhere with

me but as you can see it's hard sided it

does have flush handle so I don't have

to worry too much about that and then

the wheels don't protrude too much but

still once you go in and measure it it's

still around 19 and a half inches long

by 15 inches wide by 8 inches high and

you know what that means my friend

unfortunately my little suitcase here

probably won't work for a Spirit

Airlines personal item look at that it

just does not fit into there measurer

and so the only way I would be able to

carry it is in that carry-on section

which ones are gonna have to pay for

which I'm not interested in so I hope

this video helps someone to see the type

of bags that you'll be able to get away

with as a part of spirits personal item

I think I'll make another video with

more about spirit thank you for watching

this video