Spirit 16x14x12 personal item bag

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hey guys I'm coming to you with this

video today to show you about talked to

you about the spirit bag I played

offline is 16 by 14 by to put online and

it fits either way these are the

dimensions of it and this is the Z bag


42 bucks off of ebay see what happens is

you can put it in imma put in for you

guys with the wheels it has wheels and

also slide case alright I'm going to put

it down I'm going to stick it in the box

with the world's facing down and there

you go it goes in no issue no problem

this is the sign that's it so it's

included so I'll be traveling for free

with my bag for days approves sneakers

water shoes flip flops t-shirts socks

underwear and it works it's very bad

personal item

all right

hope yourself out you guys