How to Measure Ounces and Pounds

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hey it's Kaeleigh in this lesson we're going to talk about the units we use to

measure mass in the United States most of us have used or heard the word pound

before pounds are a unit used to measure weight for example my dog weighs 55

pounds pounds is often abbreviated to lb for short but how much is just one pound

a soccer ball is about one pound and a loaf of sandwich bread is about one

pound now what makes up a pound we have another unit for weight called ounces an

ounce is lighter than a pound in fact there are 16 ounces in one pound for

example when my dog was born he weighed 10 ounces we can use the abbreviation

oz for ounces so how much is an ounce well a standard length pencil is about

one ounce and one double-a battery is about one ounce so if one pencil is

equal to one ounce then 16 pencils would be equal to one pound

remember we know this because 16 ounces is equal to one pound so if this soccer

ball weighs one pound how many ounces is it that's right it's 16 ounces because

one pound is equal to 16 ounces let's try a trick your example a soccer coach

carries a bag of five soccer balls if each ball weighs one pound how much

does the bag weigh in ounces so if we have five balls let's draw them

out there there's one two three four five and we know that they each weigh

one pound so we can label them there and now what do we know about pounds we know

that one pound is equal to yep sixteen ounces that means each of these

balls weighs 16 ounces since they all weigh one pound so if we want to know

how much each of these balls weighs together we would need to add 16 ounces

together five times now if you know how to multiply with big double-digit

numbers you'll know that adding 16 five times it's the same as saying 16 ounces

times five and either way we get the answer of 80 ounces so the five soccer

balls together will equal 80 ounces and now if we knew that the weight of the

bag was equal to let's say five ounces then we would add five ounces the weight

of the bag plus the five soccer balls which is 80 ounces and that would give

us a total for the bag plus the five soccer balls of 85 ounces so that would

be our total now you know the US customary units for weight the ounce and

the pound pack is what you've learned by doing the online games and quizzes have

fun and remember to always be clever