How To Count and Write 16 Bars in Rap |

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was good everybody is Curtis king of

Curtis King beasts calm and I'm here to

give you the video that I've been

promising a lot of folks for a long time

how right sixteen bars rappers were just

starting this is probably something that

just sounds like foreign language to you

maybe it's something that you've heard

about maybe it's something that you've

been kind of filling your way through

maybe you've actually been doing this

you've never actually counted 16 bars

I'm here to help you let's get to it so

the first thing I'm going to do is show

you how to count 16 bars it's probably

one of the most important things is

knowing how to counter to knowing what

you're looking for now typically we do a

count of one two three four depending on

the tempo and usually the 2 and a 4 with

a snares fall

that's not for every beat but usually

that's a good indicator of where the

timing should go so instead of saying 1

2 3 4 and then saying 1 2 3 4 we're

going to count these bars out till we

get to 16 so to start off 1 2 3 4 2 2 3

4 3 2 3 4 you get that sometimes that

can be confusing basically what you're

doing is just switching the first number

in that count and basically every time

that you switch that number you're

switching the bars so let's try to do it

you're free to count with me

what we gonna figure this thing on out

check it out

one two three four two two three four

three two three four four two three four

five two three four six two three four

seven two three four eight two three

four nine two three four ten two three

four 11234 12 to 3 for 32 3 for 14 to 3

for 15 to 3 for 16 two three four cores

it's literally that easy counter 16

usually your verses are going to be 16

bars and they're going to fall where the

music is basically having arrests so

sometimes the music starts off with an

intro and a course and everything is

crazy and it goes and calms down into

the verse and it goes back into the

course that's typically how most beats

go but if you don't know what location

you're at just start counting find the

change in the music and just start

counting like I did it 1 2 3 4 2 2 3 4

now you also may have questions about

structuring that's another easy fix I'm

going to tell you a trick that I learned

very early and I did it because out of

pure boredom I don't even realize I was

counting bars but literally I kid you


any rap song you listen to probably want

to get most-favored rap songs follows

the same formula every time I kid you

not any rap song any error you're gonna

see this now there's a couple of

exceptions to the rule when I show you

this is gonna blow your mind

it may even ruin rap music for you

forever the basic trick is count the

snares after four snares

the artist generally starts changing the

direction they're going topic wise so if

you're just starting off and you really

just feel like you sound very basic

listen to your favorite rappers and just

start counting snares every four snares

you're going to hear that rapper change

topics sometimes they do it every two

snares but usually every four snares

I'm going to show you an example right

now what I need you to do is basically

count the snares okay I can't count the

snares and rap right now at the same

time I'm sorry I need your help

count the snares and watch me read these

lyrics and watch how the topic changes

every time you count four snares

it's gonna blow your mind

check it out when I pulled up out front

see the fins on dust when I wrote 20

deepest 20 knives in a club man here to

F with Dre not he wanted to show me love

when you said like him in the mid-water

give your look homey nothing change hold

down Jesus up see exhibit in the cut man

Rolo either if you watch me on moon you

mistake me for Blair fell and hit with a

few shell but I don't walk with a left

do you see that and hip-hop we call that

four fours usually in hip-hop we

dedicate about four bars to a certain

topic and we either kind of slightly

digress from that topic every time you

get to another four but when the change

in music occurs you see it occurs that

before snare some of the differences

coming in and we make that transition

you still don't believe me the shrine of

the song jay-z public service

announcement from the blackout one of my

favorite verses

allow me to reintroduce myself my name

is hole ain't I love it I used to

move snowflakes by the hose I guess even

back then you could call me see your

water all rosy hope about a frying pan

into the fly be the music biz number one

supply fresher than the free saloon bear

my name I got the hottest chick in a

gang we're a chance really I am telling

you if you try this on any song I'm you

don't care if it's a Soulja Boy song if

it's a Gucci Mane song if it's a Jay Z a

Kendrick song they will typically go by

this and usually that's dictated by the

producer who kind of stays in that

structure of doing things and kind of

stays in a structure of moving around

music elements but it's all mathematics

and 16 is an even number divisible by 4

so you're gonna see changes every time

you count those 4 snares

it's going to blow your mind just do

what your favorite song count the snares

and listen to the rapper change topics

after every 4 snares and this is the -

that you want to have as you start to

write you start to understand man why

does it sound like I'm having a run-on

sentence why does it sound like I'm just

wrapping forever and the beat is just

running away from me well this is why

you have to understand the structure

before you can begin to change things

and rearrange things understand the

structure understand what it is and then

you could find your own sound and you

can find your ways to mess around with

that for force count your beats you have

any other questions hit me up card is

king of cards can be calm