Tracking Mistakes You Might Be Making! (The White Rice Mistake) - Ripped for Rugby Ep. 2

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do you like rice I like rice but if

you're like me you might make a mistake

when it comes to tracking rice and your

macros so come on over here and welcome

to ripped for rugby episode 2 we're in

do a little experiment and find out how

much uncooked rice actually turns into

when you cook it so I made a mistake

this past week earlier on of the week I

need to go to the grocery store ran out

of food so I just had a giant bag of

rice and so that's where a lot of my

cars were coming from and so I usually

get to get brown rice but I had a big

bag of white rice and when you cook

brown rice for everyone cook one cup of

uncooked rice that you cook it usually

yields about two cups of cooked rice and

so since I had white rice was like oh

yeah one cup uncooked makes two cups

cooked so I'll just wrap two cups cooked

every time I cook one cup of uncooked

rice so what we have here is 1 cup of

uncooked rice we're gonna put it in my

handy dandy rice cooker and we're gonna

put 2 cups of water in it so let me do


one cup

and two cups so we're gonna get that in

there and turn this bad boy on we're to

come back in just a second and see how

much rice actually comes out of it all

right so here we have it

let's bring the camera in we have one

beautiful aesthetically pleasing cup of

uncooked white rice turn and do whatever

cups of cooked white rice so let's

figure out how much it actually is so we

take our measuring cup measuring by

volume we're just gonna even it off the

top all right so that's a lot of spilled

a little bit there's one cup and plot

that down all right and two cups plop

that down and because my rice cooker is

super high-tech and fancy is not like it

any of it burn to the side or anything

so we're gonna kind of scrape some clips

up and start packing it in here and burn

process so you should keep putting this

in here

hey fingers are burning a little but

that's okay because I'm gonna help you

guys out we're watching this so you

don't have the same mistake that I ran

into earlier in my week all right so

this is actually coming out more to what

we would have thought one cup of

uncooked white rice would turn into so

if you count for all the stuff that's

like burnt to the side of my rice cooker

and the rice had spilled on the floor

we've basically got three cups of cooked

white rice that came out of that as you

can see delicious

alright so there you go there's just

rice and rice spilled all over our

wonderful avatar kitchen but alright

we'll set that down I'm gonna talk about

what kind of difference I would actually

make in your progress if you screw it up

tracking it like I did so come on so

let's see the impact that cook

is uncooked white rice could have when

you track it improperly so looking at it

here for an uncooked cup of white rice

we have 13 grams of protein 1 gram of

fat and 158 grams of carbs so for 1 cup

that actually comes out to well a third

of this because we found that there were

three cups to one cup three cups cooked

to one cup of uncooked so that's four

point three protein 0.3 fat and 52.6

carbs now remember I was tracking this

at the beginning of this past week as

two cups instead of three so there's

some inaccuracy there and in reality I

was 53 grams over what I thought I was

eating at the beginning of the week and

carbs and then for over for each one of

those days on protein which comes out to

228 calories over what I thought I was

eating so moral of the story is don't

make assumptions even if you've been

tracking for a long time like me it's

good to kind of take a step back

especially if you see that things aren't

going the way that you think you might

want to be analyzed you're doing because

I was doing my daily weight averages I

noticed that the scale just wasn't

moving I'm like wait a minute something

can't be right here what's going on I'm

hitting my macros so kind of did a

little bit of digging I said no well

I've just been assuming that one cup of

uncooked white rice turns into two it

doesn't it turns into three and so I

went ahead and edited that and because I

had moving targets turned on my macros

towards the end of the week got gutted

but I was like all right yeah I had it

I've had it all the beginning I'm had to

make up for it now but it ended up being

right on track with where I needed to be

for my way and I was down another 1.6

pounds so that's right in line with what

we were expecting on moderate fat loss

and we'll see how things go with this

next week but every time I have rice I'm

gonna track it as three cups of cooked

rice well actually you know what's even

better to do I'm just gonna give you a

little piece of advice that will help

you out a lot if you're cooking rice try

to cook the entire serving that you're

gonna eat it once it's all hot it's all

fresh it'll be accurate so just track it

uncooked whatever you put in the rice

cooker and eat the whole thing and you

will be accurate so anyway hope that

helps out a lot and y'all have an

awesome day we'll see you next time