How To Tell How Much Your Gold Is Worth - Determining Gold Scrap / Melt Value

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what's up positron doing all right I got

a very very important video that I

wanted to share real quick for anyone

who buys and sells jewelry or is looking

to sell gold jewellery alright now I

know for experience I don't know if

anyone else remembers a couple years

back gonna be three or four years ago

there was those cash for gold shops

literally just everywhere and I

personally I went to them a couple years

ago just to see what was up and those

were just complete huge huge ripoffs all

right these people only offered like 50

40 or 50% of the gold value for an item

so I want to show you this website right

here which will be a lifesaver it's

called gold calc calm so basically what

it is is a website that has the price of

gold right here it's the live gold price

so it's exactly what the price is at the

moment and has a little calculator tool

right here so for instance if I had

let's say I wanted to sell this gold

ring all right so you know right there

you could see it's 14 karat gold and I'm

just looking to sell it cuz you know

it's broken or I don't want it or

whatever so all you need you know is to

basically just know how much the item

weighs so like this way 7.9 grams

alright so if I know that this is a

14-karat gold ring that weighs seven

point nine grams very easily just go on

to this website type in right there type

in seven point nine and then right here

you'll select the purity so like this is

a 14-karat gold ring so I'm click you

know 14 karat then you know you can see

right here if you have 10 karat or 18

karat if you're in the United States

usually you'll just have 10 14 or 18 you

won't have any of the other stuff so

we're gonna click 14 karat and this

website is going to do all the math for

you so you just click right here you

click calculate gold scrap value and

boom it's gonna give you right here

highlighted how much is worth so this

this gold ring right here has a gold

value you know

a melt value of one hundred and ninety

five dollars and 85 cents so it's even

says right here like you you know don't

expect to get a hundred ninety five

dollars for it because you know that's a

hundred percent but if you're going to

sell a piece of jewellery if you're

going to take this to a jewelry store or

someplace it's very important to know

you don't just want to give them the

ring and say hey you know how much would

you give me for this and also a very

important thing because I before I

really started knowing what I was doing

when I was just starting out buying and

selling gold and jewelry um you know I

brought stuff to jewelry stores and you

know they offered me money for it and

looking back at it they're only offering

me like half okay and over the years you

know I realized then you should not be

selling your gold unless you get unless

you get around 75 to 80% of the gold

value so like I said you're not gonna

get this number this is you know the

retail number but this is a very very

good website so you at least if you go

to sell your gold you know you know what

it is that you're selling and how much

it really is worth so you know real

quick as long as you know the weight the

weight and the purity of your gold this

gives you a you know good idea actually

an exact idea of the amount value of it

so I just keep this website in mind

thanks for watching hope I could help