How many grams are in one cup? | Baking conversion 101 Episode 1

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did that look familiar to you well if so

then you are absolutely not alone a lot

of people have problems converting

recipes from things like cups into grams

and vice versa so today I decided to

share a few tips and tricks on how to

achieve this very effortlessly and I'm

gonna provide you with a list of

conversions as well as tips on how to

measure ingredients properly and finally

I wanted to discuss very very quickly

the pros and cons for each measuring

system so let's get started













so finally a quick word about the pros

and cons I myself tend to go back and

forth between using my cups and using a

scale and you see this in some of my

videos it really depends on what I'm

doing for example if I'm making a

caramel sauce I tend to be very precise

so I'd like to use a scale for such a


so if consistency is important to you

and you want to achieve a perfect cake

or cookie every single time then I

suggest that you use a scale and measure

things in grams so that you get this

exact same amount per batch but if

you're looking for a rough estimate of

what goes in a recipe for example a

chocolate chip cookie where you roughly

want 2 cups of chocolate chips but if

there are a little bit more nobody will

mind then definitely use cups using

measuring cups is a very visual way of

measuring ingredients this is perfect

for getting kids involved into baking

because they love just how interactive

it all is cups are more fun I have to

say that so I personally love using both

professionals prefer obviously the scale

because of the preciseness and

consistency that you achieve per recipe

but kids and people that aren't getting

into baking certainly like using cups so

it's really up to you and what you're

trying to achieve so that's it for me

today I hope you found this useful and

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