How to measure laptops screen size

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there are several ways of finding out

the actual size of your LCD LCDs are

measured diagonally and usually only the

viewable area is counted place the end

of your tape measure in one of the

corners and align the tape with a

diagonal corner on the opposite side

note the size in inches in this case the

size is thirteen point three inches

another short way of finding the exact

size of your LCD is to remove it from

the computer and look at the model

number sticker on the back virtually all

LCD model numbers contain the physical

size of the LCD in inches for the LCD

model number ltn 156 8001 numbers 156

mean that the LCD is fifteen point six

inches diagonal please note sometimes

the screen size of your device can be

found on products stickers its box or

its manual in our experience this

information is usually correct but there

were cases where the size was misstated

in official documentation which resulted

in extra hassle for our customers please

try to physically measure your original

LCD whenever possible and finally if you

have searched our site by your laptop

model name and the list of option shows

all items of the same size it is likely

that it is the only size your computer

came with however if you see multiple

sizes displayed you must ensure you know

the correct size of your original screen