10mL vs Tablespoon

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all right since Danes being a little

[ __ ] I'm not answering me

I'll just make a video so this is a

tablespoon stay right here does

reflection and it's so convenient that

right underneath where it says

tablespoon there you it says 15

milliliters huh interesting

so this is a flush medical grade

whatever it's official yeah Jane uses it

to save lives and it's ten right here

ten don't do that

and Jane is telling me that this is

gonna be more than I don't know this

thing looks really big so my thing is

this is more than ten milliliters this

holds 15 shouldn't overflow it right

okay so two things if it doesn't

overflow oh that's probably Dean if it

doesn't overflow I win ah Dean I have

snapchat now or FaceTime but I don't

know how to do that useless anyway so

this thing right here is supposedly

going to overflow this thing right here

I'm gonna show

how do i okay we're gonna do stop it

folly over though old please oh I think

I've used my wine that cool hopefully

that won't fall all right

so james.byrne haven't opened it yet

all right psycho official I feel so

important I'm recording this so just so

you know me no it's fine I'm just gonna

record it I'm gonna send it to you oh my

god dude you are such a big fat loser no

you actually lost

I swear on my life right now they're so

good not on my life on my life it is

empty in this tablespoon is not full no

I'm saying the video now Oh My Jesus I

love being right I'm loving right I did


check this table