How to Measure a Trampoline to Find the Right Jumping Mat Replacement

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welcome to upper bounds the trampoline

and trampoline replacement part leaders

if you need to order a replace

to fit your trampoline you need to

consider the following three steps to

make sure you purchase the correct size

step 1

know your frame size to know your frame

size measure your trampoline frame from

one edge to the other straight across

vertical and horizontal to get your

trampoline frame size all upper bounce

replacement parts work by the frame size

rather than the item size for example a

12 foot mat actually measures 10 feet

but it fits for a 12-foot trampoline

frame so if it measures 12 feet you need

to look for a 12 foot replacement mat

step 2 know the amount of V rings your

mat will have V rings are the triangular

parts that connect the Springs from your

trampoline frame to your trampoline mat

you figure out the amount of B rings

your mat will need by Counting the frame

spring holes step 3

measure your spring size know the spring

size your trampoline uses by measuring a

spring from one edge to the other edge

so for example if you have a 12-foot

frame and 72 holes on your trampoline

frame and your spring measures 7 inches

you need to look for a 12 foot jumping

mat with 72 v rings that use 7 inch

Springs follow these steps and you

should have no problems ordering or

replacement jumping mat to fit your