How to make GOLDEN SYRUP

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today welcome to Todd's kitchen I've

literally lost count how many times

someone has asked me where to buy golden

syrup golden syrup has so many uses in

so many recipes oh really really does

and it's a great set little ingredients

that's very versatile but might or I can

get the hands on it so join me today as

I show you how to make homemade golden



again start off with I've got a pot on

the stove on a medium heat so to that

we're gonna place in 100 grams of sugar

and about two tablespoons of water and

I'm just gonna stir get all that water

nice and wet and what we're gonna do is

we're just gonna keep on stirring this

and the shoe is gonna dissolve and it's

also going to turn to a nice caramel

color it's a dark caramel color okay so

as you can see it's coming to a nice

dark caramel color so to that we're

gonna add in boiling water a little bit

of thyme

make sure it's boiling water running but

be very careful

a little bit at a time and just stir

that through okay and next we're gonna

add in the rest of our sugar it's gonna

stay that's right it's gonna keep on

stirring this just until the sugar is

completely melted okay so the sugars

dissolved and I'll blow the temperature

down to egg too low so what we can do

now is let it simmer for about 45

minutes but while it's simmering what's

gonna get a quarter lemon and we're

gonna stick that in there they're gonna

use lemon juice if you like I just like

to chuck the whole lemon in there works

perfectly fine and once it's done you

also go it's also like a candied lemon

so here she wants a pretty good so what

the lemon does the lemon helps prevent

it from caramelizing any more and it

also helps to prevent any sugar crystals

performing so for 45 minutes there's no

need to stir it you don't have to even

touch it just let it simmer away

I guess that's been boiling away for 45

minutes so we're gonna do now is I'm

going to turn the temperature off

completely and I'm just going to remove

this lemon now dude check the lemon our

way let it cool down and you can have it

as like a it'll be like a candy lemon

that she does taste pretty good so

you're gonna put this to the side I'm

gonna save this for later so we're gonna

do now is just let this cool for 5

minutes then we're gonna strain it away

into a jar okay so I've got a jar no

this is just these I had some sort of

sauce now or dollars cleaned out and

sterilized it now you can sterilize by

putting the boiling water for about a

couple minutes or you could just buy

some sterilizing solution but it's just

cheaper just put in boiling water so

it's gonna get a soup now while it's

still hot this is still gonna be pretty

runny like so but you know fine once it

cools down its gonna come out very very

thick you like out like a thickness of


that's what's gonna pull that in


just about that sleeve a little bit of

room now with up on the lid on what's

gonna let this cool down for say another

full hour or so just so it's completely

cool they care that's done now look at

this oh yeah

lovely and thick golden syrup as I said

it's like the consistency of honey but

obviously it tastes more like a sugary

slight caramel sugary taste so as long

as you follow the directions by putting

this into a sanitized to jar either by

boiling or using some sanitizer solution

this will last for months in the in the

cupboard but it was an incredibly simple

and easy to make and pretty much dirt


now go on seer best so many uses in

cooking now you can make your own cuz

it's incredibly easy and no matter what

recipe gonna put it in guarantees it's

gonna taste simply delicious episode of

Todd's kitchen a list all the

ingredients down below for stage 1 and

stage 2 just to make a lot easier for

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