How to measure flour without a scale

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today we are going to measure

flour properly

so here's my scale now 0.0 ounces

i have a bowl that it's teared to zero

and then we are going to


scoop some flour and see how much it

weighs so a lot of people have


in their baking because baking is more


a chemistry reaction and versus cooking

which is

very kind of shoot from the hip

do what you want there's not like any

major consequences

if you put a little too much of this or

a little too not enough of that or

whatever you know

so what i did is i went ahead and i

checked out

king and they say that

one cup of flour

should be four and a quarter ounces or

120 grams

so we're going to do a little experiment

and see if it makes a difference

doing these three very variations of

measuring or getting your flour in the


um now the reason why flour has

that variance is the fact that

it's got a lot of air

in between the ground flower particles

now if you're measuring sugar or a


like salt something ingredient you don't

have to worry about the

air really affecting it

okay so i just scooped out flour with my


it's now here in my cup what we're going

to do is take

the level straight edge of the handle

we're going to tap the top one two three

and then we're going to scrape across

the measuring cup okay now this is how

i was taught to measure flower when you

don't have a skill

when i went to culinary school so we're

going to see how much it weighs i've

never actually done this before so i'm

finding out right along with you guys

now that is giving me a reading of 4.8

ounces so i'm going to write that down

which that's like four and a half ounces


right i don't know we'll see four point

eight ounces

well over a half okay now i'm going to

take this

and just dump it back in my entire


okay it's now empty put it back on the


0.0 we're good to go the next method i'm

going to use

is i feel like a lot of people do this

they just

put their measuring cup in and kind of

shake it off maybe

you know like kind of shake shake shake

and then you might take your hand or

something because you're cooking and


going to that's a bunch of dirty dishes

all right so let's see if there's much

difference oh yeah

we have 5.1 so a scoop and shake

gives you 5.1 ounces versus the 4.8

ounces of the spoon and level which is a

lot closer to

an actual what a cup should look like

all right we're gonna do this one more


and if you have a hard time with baking

i would not be surprised if you do this

third thing

third way of scooping it which would be

to pack the flour

in so if i scoop

and then instead of like shaking it off

just like shaking my measuring cup

but i actually take my hand and press


into the measuring cup and then scrape

it off the top

still looks like a measuring cup full of


that gives you 5.6 oh 5.7

ounces so that is a significant amount

seven okay ounces now that's

a significant amount more than what you

would need

if you're adding more than one cup of


because every time you do that you're

adding extra extra extra extra

so if your recipe calls for more than

one cup

you're going to mess up your recipe by

adding too much flour

also if you are taking a recipe and

doubling it or tripling it or etc that

all just is going to compound

and it's going to give you a really


recipe so just a heads up

proper way to measure flour to get it

closest to that true one cup measurement

is to scoop

lightly into your measuring cup

tap the measuring cup so it kind of

settles in there

and then scrape with the handle okay

let me know if that helps and if you

have any questions

please comment below um new channels so

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can alright have a good day