How Do I Use The iPhone Measure App? How Accurate Is It?

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Hi guys, David and David here from, and in this video, we're going to discuss

the Measure app.

It's a new app that automatically installed on your iPhone when you download it install

iOS 12. iOS 12 is currently in beta.

It'll be publicly released sometime in September 2018.

So let's open up the Measure app.

And the first thing you need to do is let your iPhone get its bearing so you'll see

that it says move iPhone to start.

This is the iPhone detecting the nearby surfaces.

So we're going to use a yardstick, makes sense.

And how many inches is that David that is 36 inches, 3 feet, 12 inches in a foot.


This should get a perfect measurement because we know exactly how long it is.

And right the first thing you do is add a point.

So I'm going to make a point right at the end of the yardstick by pressing the plus


Now as I drag it out I should be able to pick a point right here under the yard.

Check and then as I move back into the middle, we have here a 34.5 inch

yard stick.


What is cool is that as you move your iPhone around?

Sometimes it will refine the measurement but not in this case.

So here the iPhone is pretty sure that we have a 34 and half inch yardstick.


So if you're working on a new home construction project this app probably isn't the way to

go you might want to use like traditional tools measuring like a yardstick like a yardstick

which is 36 inches long that would just change the 35 and half inches.

There we go.

It's getting better.

It's getting closer.

All right, where's the yardstick is always always 36 inches. Right.

So this app is still a little clunky. Sometimes when you open it, it won't even find its bearings

at first and you have to close the app and reopen it. Let's get thisyard stick out of here.

Let's bring in a box.

So this app can also measure the surface area of, you know, squares and rectangles.

Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit the clear button up here.

So now my yardstick measurement is all gone.

Now as I hover over this box with my phone a rectangle appears. I hit add a rectangle

with the plus sign.

So now what it's done is its measured the box it says that it's 7 inches long and 3.5

inches wide.

I think the problem with this though is you can see David is that it's factored in the

shadow to this.


So unfortunately, there's no way that you could just sort of click and drag to find

this because go ahead and measure this and we'll see if it actually is 3.5 inches wide

by 7 inches long.

Let's see, we got 6.5 (inches) by 3 (inches).

All right, let's try it again here.

I'm gonna get rid of our rectangle.

Sometimes I want to try to go and directly over the surface or trying to measure that

might help. It also might not help. Did we say it was three wide? Because I just did it manually

and it was 3.


It's a little bit longer than 3. That's getting closer and I'll clear this out.

Let's do the length of it without the rectangle. It just automatically selected the rectangle so

I'll clear that. Sometimes you don't have a choice. Sometimes it's the just rectangle in it.

All right.

So what you could do is actually draw on top of the rectangle.

So let's see here.

Let's clear that out.

Here we go.

Getting the length measurement 6 inches.

That was for that was pretty close.

Is it 6 inches? It's about 6.5.

Well, it's close.

It's almost good enough.

If you don't...maybe you have it settle a bet.

Someone says that's 2 feet long.

No, it's 3 feet long then it's a good time to use the app.

Right right, if you need exact measurements stick to rulers right?

Well, let's give it one more try.

How long is this thing? This measure...what is this a measuring tool?

This is a level. It's called a level.

I didn't take tool shop.

That's about 9 inches long.

You can take tool shop.

Okay, get your finger out of there.

We're gonna measure this guy here we go.

One end good sort of the nine inches inches pretty good.

Pretty good.

All right.

Well the Measure app, you know, sometimes right sometimes it's not right. And then in

the Measure app, you also see that there's a leveling option. You can just tap on that at the bottom.



So this always used to exist too, right? It was in the compass section.


Now they moved into the measures section.

So if you're looking for that... how we doing on our table here? See the problem

with this is that the camera on the back throws the damn thing off.

So unless you've you know got some sort of... maybe you can stick it on top

of something like that.

You're right.

So as you can see this app is not perfect.

No, it's not perfect. Your measurements aren't going to be exact.

So as I said too many times in this video home construction projects don't use this.

Settling a bet over, you know wider margins.

Maybe you can do use it that way. Right, as long as it works in your favor.

So how accurate is the Measure app? Not super accurate.

Thank you guys for watching this video.

That's what the Measure app is on your iPhone.

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