Counting in Litres, Millilitres | Maths For Class 2 | Maths Basics For CBSE Children

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this is a bottle full of water now let's

pour some water in this glass

just like a spoil of water but and we

can see there is some more water in this

bottle so we can say that the capacity

of this bottle is more than the capacity

of this glass measurement of capacity

substances like water milk petrol oil

etc are called liquid thus capacity of a

container is the quantity of liquid it

can hold we measure the quantity of a

liquid in liters and milliliters liters

are denoted by L and milliliters are

denoted by ml these type of vessels are

generally used to measure liquids like

patrol oil kerosene etc this vessel when

completely filled with one liter liquid

this 500 ml this 200 ml this 100 ml this

50 ml these type of vessels are

generally used to measure liquids like

milk and oil 1 liter 500 ml 200 ml 100

ml and 50 ml measuring capacity in

liters and many liters large quantities

of liquid are measured in liters for

example water in a bucket 10 litres 20

litres milk that we buy

one leader two liters oil V that we buy

file eaters

ten liters petrol in thyroid tankers 500

liters or thousand liters small

quantities of liquids are measured in

milliliters for example medicine is an

injection 1 ml 3 ml all 5 ml will given

to a baby 100 ml or 200 ml cough syrup

or tonic that we buy 50 ml or 100 ml

ketchup or soft drink that we buy 300 ml

all 500 ml