How Many Milligrams in a Teaspoon

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hello everyone I get this question a lot

what's the difference between measuring

something by volume and measuring

something by weight

well first off volume is how much space

something occupies so for instance here

is a 1 teaspoon measurement cup okay so

one teaspoon here this is a volume

measurement what I want to demonstrate

is how a teaspoon of one thing can weigh

much different than a teaspoon of

something else which is why when you're

doing dosage for medicine or supplements

you always want to do it by weight not

by volume that means using a scale not

something like this so here we go the

white powder is malic acid which is a

very very beneficial supplement for

things like fibromyalgia and chronic

fatigue syndrome and the yellow powder

is alpha lipoic acid which is a very

powerful antioxidant a link descriptions

of both of these in the video so here we

go turn on my scale hopefully this can

be seen well it's that zero measure mean

grams this is going to be the tray I'm

going to use so what I'll do is set the

tray on I'll hit the tyre function that

negates the weight of the tray sets it

to zero I will now take a level teaspoon

of malic acid scoop it off like this so

it's a perfect level teaspoon and weigh

it watch what happens the level teaspoon

of malic acid weighs 4.1 grams okay now

let's see what happens when we do the

alpha lipoic acid the scale is set back

to zero we'll take a level teaspoon

that's awful lipoic acid and measure


if you recall the previous malic acid

was 4.1 grams let's see what this weighs

2.3 grams that's a massive difference

for the same amount of volume okay this

is why it's very important to measure

your supplements by weight and not by

volume do not trust teaspoon

measurements you must use a digital

scale when you measure things it's as

simple as that this applies to any

supplement you're going to use so please

if you're using supplements use a

digital scale thanks for watching my