How to Weigh Nootropics

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this is a common setup for new atrophic

users as most nootropics come bulk in

powders so here's some city choline

package of aniracetam and you'll see

this time in a white bag completely

unmarked of course but they come as bulk

powder and so this is enough for many

many doses of an arrest team and you'll

have to wade this out yourself so what

I'm going to do this morning is show you

a little bit of the tools it takes to

weigh these out and will actually weigh

out some phenibut and some aniracetam

so often you're going to really if

you're in a way these out you need a

scale a milligram or microgram scale so

this is a little scale you can see in

comparison to my hand it's very small

open up the top and it can't weigh heavy

weights so one of the things you want to

ensure is if you're going to weigh out

bulk powders on a scale like this it's

really helpful to have some really small

containers see how it fits in upon my

hand that are very light to weigh into a

heavy container like this glass

container will max out the weight of the

scale and it will not allow you to weigh

anything on the scale with something so

heavy on it

so you really do have to have some sort

of container or some way to weigh on the

scale in a light form so I'm going to

add this we turn the scale on and you'll

see it loading up here it's going to

tear itself out to zero

so we should be able to see that scale

reading zero I'm going to add the

container it's going to record a weight

and I'm just going to hit this tare

button that's going to zero out the

scale so now it's reading zero and you

see the scale reading is in grams now we

can switch that if we want it to to two

ounces count grams so we're gonna use

grams because almost always the dose for

nua tropics is in milligrams or grams

and you'll see I've written done a

little bit of research for the doses

that I'm looking for and I've written on

these bags so I don't forget 250

milligram dose of città choline that is

0.25 grams if I'm going to use it with

aniracetam here's a dosage that we can

use and you'll notice that I did the

same thing on on the phenibut dissolve

in an oil

ideally 500 to 1500 milligrams now it's

very important to understand the

difference between milligrams and grams

you see the scale is recording in grams

but I need a milligram dose so 500

milligrams is 0.5 grams 1500 milligrams

is 1.5 grams so that's really important

to understand the weights that you're

putting on to your scale so that you

don't overdose on any of these compounds

now you can see a lot of these as we

mentioned coming bags like these

containers are often to what I'll use to

store things and if I want them out of

the bags it makes them a lot easier to

scoop out of these containers and this

is this is gabbo cheese neurotransmitter

and it tells me that 750 milligrams is

about 1/4 teaspoon the best way is

always to use a scale to weigh these now

you will also often when you order bulk

a newer topics you'll get these little

scoops this scoop is really tied up with

my hand

here you see my finger and you see how

tiny that little scoop is that is the

approximate amount of a nootropic

compound that you would take in a given

day so tiny tiny tiny amount this scoop

is supposed to give you the right amount

I have found scooping to be wildly

inaccurate and the only way to

understand that you're taking the right

dose is to weigh everything on a scale

you can see that the scale is small

enough I can travel with it in a

backpack or wherever if I'm traveling

and I need to bring nootropics with okay

so let's get down to weighing phenibut

you know phenibut if I'm gonna take

phenibut I'm gonna use 500 to 1500

milligrams so in this case I'm gonna use

850 milligrams so let's weigh that out

so I'll tear the scale again scale is

turned off on its own let's do write out

grab an implement here just scoop it and

I'm going to want 850 milligrams which

is 0.85 grams so I wanted to say 0.85

there we go so it's pretty good so it's

you know a couple milligrams over if I

really care about having a you know that

little bit over I'll pull some out

you'll see the weight start to go down

I'm not that concern about being over by

even 10 or 20 milligrams since the

dosage is pretty high so this is 88 87


0.87 grams which is 870 milligrams so

870 milligrams is right within our range

of 500 to 1500 I will put this in a

container that I'm going to travel with

so you know I have specific uses for

when I'll utilize specific nootropics

this is a great one for me for social

anxiety and I only use it a couple times

a year when I'm giving a really big

presentation so I will put that in here

I'll cap it and that's where that will

stay so that is how you lay out your

nootropics now aniracetam uses a much

smaller quantity in some cases but you

would do the same thing you'd weigh it

on to the scale and then when you're

going to use it I would take this and I

would add some MCT oil or brain octane

oil s'right come over here back so this

is a fat caprylic acid brain octane oil

from bulletproof what I would do is I

would add about a teaspoon to a

tablespoon of brain octane oil right in

here I had mixed it around it would

dissolve this in the fat then I would

drink it as is these compounds can be

very bitter I would drink it and then I

would squish this around with usually a

caffeinated source so coffee so I take

some coffee or some green tea and I

would continuously pour the coffee and

green tea into here and continue to

drink it until it's all all the powder

is gone and it's into my system okay now

there are other ways so some people find

these compounds are very bitter and they

have trouble taking them most of us from

taking the bulk compounds for so many

years we're gonna stick to raw compound

right under our tongue so we would just

literally scoop it right into our mouth

put it under our tongue and hold it

there until we swallow it so that's the

preferred way however again very bitter

not always pleasant so what you can do

most of us have purchased these are

really inexpensive now brand gel caps so

it's just a bag full of the gel caps

that you'll note from supplementation

you'll see these all the time

course and all you do they do make

special holders for these but you just

pull it apart and you open it up and

what I'm going to do is try to position

it in here in a way that I can fill it

which is not really very easy so you got

actually switch to this if this is not

too heavy for the scale now I will just

say we're gonna use GABA I'll turn the

scale on let it come to zero okay so it

did zero out now I want to add let's say

750 milligrams into this gel cap it may

or may not hold that total amount I may

need to fill two of them and take two at

once so I'm gonna do the same thing I'm

just gonna take the GABA scoop it out

take this off the scale is tared so I'm

just gonna fill this up this helps if

you're gonna travel with these things if

you want to take nootropics with you

helps to kind of capsule a 10 I have no

idea how much that weighs we're gonna

stick it in here I'm gonna wait so

that's 290 milligrams

I want 750 so I'd really like to fit it

into one it's not going to fit into one

but hopefully I can fit it into just two

so I'm gonna tamp this down you can buy

fancy fillers to fill these just like

pharmaceutical and supplement companies

have depends on your budget so hopefully

I can get 370 milligrams in to here

roughly 375 and then that would be half

a dose so I don't have to fill two of

these okay so I did get quite a bit

that's nine hundred and fifty milligrams

so nine hundred and fifty milligrams I

was hoping for 750 I'd actually take

some of this back out tap a little bit

of it out and now we're down to 0.37 370

milligrams so that's exactly half

so sometimes you get a little bit of

finger pressing on the scale but this is

about exactly half of a dose so that's

where I would leave it I have now

created one capsule that's half of what

I want to take I'll take that capsule

I'll cap it and there you go now put

that in our plastic bag put it in a

another container like one of these and

you know you've got your capsules you

can take with you anywhere or you can

just swallow this now you would swallow

two of these if you wanted 750

milligrams and of course no bitter taste

because you're just swallowing a capsule

at this point so that is how we weigh

new atrophic powders and again most of

the nuit robux you're going to purchase

are going to be bulk powders so again

this is one of those sometimes they'll

tell you on the package how much you

should take so this is new pepped and it

says ten milligrams so this is the

package that actually came with this

tiny tiny scoop that's tinier than the

tip of my finger

but again I would weigh that out right

on the scale so I get you know point

zero one milligrams or point zero one

grams would be ten milligrams so that is

how you would do that if you have any

questions of course let us know