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hello everyone today I will be

explaining about insulin syringe it is a

special syringe which is graduated to 40

80 or 100 units

hence it is useful to give insulin in

required units this syringes they are

available in one ml and two ml size as

you can see here this is a one ml it is

made up of plastic or glass with a white

or red piston here it is white piston it

is available with or without 26 NIT

number needle attached here it is

already attached and it is disposable

sterile and ready to use now the parts

of the insulin syringe so from the top

this is the cap and it covers and

protects the needle before it is used

needle it is short and clean and is

covered with a fine layer of silicone to

allow it to pass through the skin easily

and with less pain this is the barrel it

is long thin chamber cylindrical chamber

that holds the insulin it is marked with

lines to measure the number of the

insulin units plunger it is a long thin

rod that fits snugly inside the barrel

of the syringe it easily slides up and

down to either draw the insulin into the

barrel or to push the insulin through

the needle right the plunger it has a

rubber seal this black one this is the

rubber seal and what is the role of this

rubber seal the rubber seal it prevents

the leakage of the insulin also the

rubber seal it is meshed with the line

on the barrel to measure the correct

amount of insulin for example if we want

18-inch align units then we will place

the reversal at the level of the 80 and

we will get the accurate amount of

insulin units right now the syringe size

and number of units the syringe holes so

1 by 4 ml will hold magnify insulin

units 1 by 3 ml will hold 13 chilean

units half ml 50 in chilean units and 1

ml will hold 100 insulin units 0.25 ml

it is best for children who offer need

very small doses of insulin and 1 ml

syringe it may be the

for adult who needs to take a large

amount of insulin now some of the uses

of insulin syringe so the foremost and

the main use of insurance range is to

inject the insulin and as this is

calibrated needle so it makes the

insulin administration very easier one

of the most frequently asked a question

about insulin syringes that tell me what

are the different uses of insulin

syringe so the answer is insulin syringe

it is useful in Montauk's testing to

give vaccines such as BCG PPD PT or

hepatitis in allergic testing to give

intradermal test dose tested ORS it is a

small dose of medication which is used

to ascertain whether the patient is able

to tolerate it or not example we give

testers of drugs like penicillin a

speeding streptokinase insulin I done

came up a pen and some local anesthetics

such as xylocaine right it is also used

to give drugs for example injectable

adrenaline 0.5 to 1 ml and vitamin K 0.1

ml in a newborn it is also used to

collect blood for arterial blood gas

analysis this completes the video on

insulin syringe hope it is informative

and thanks for watching