How To Calculate Square Metres - DIY At Bunnings

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I'm going to show you how to calculate square metres. It is useful to be able to measure

an area before you order materials such as turf, carpet and timber. I'm going to be measuring

out my deck space before I order my timber, just to know how much I need.

The tools you need for this job are calculator, notepad, pencil and tape measure.

When you've got a large area such as this you want to make sure you break in to these

small manageable shapes. This area I'm going to break into two rectangles which are easily

measured. The first shape I'm going to measure is this little rectangle here. So you start

by taking the width and now to measure the length.

I'm now going to get my second lot of measurements. When your taking measurements you want to

make sure you round up and then at the end, add a 10% contingency just to make sure you

have a surplus of material to finish the job.

To calculate area you need to multiply length times width so for the first rectangle its

3.3 metres times 1.1, which gives us 3.63 square metres.

For the second rectangle it's 2.6 metres times 5.2 which is 13.52 metres. Because it's the

whole deck we need to add both of these numbers together to give us the total area. So 13.52

plus 3.63, which ends up at 17.15 square metres.

We have to add the 10% contingency to this just to make sure we have enough timber. So

to do that we multiply the total 17.15 by 1.1 which gives us 18.865 metres squared.

Calculating area can be a really simple task, but you want to make sure you get it right

so that you don't spend too much on materials that aren't needed.