Why 30 ml and 60 ml Peg? | Why alcohol Pouring Standard is 30 ml & 60 ml ?| Dada Bartender

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30 ml or 60 ml yeah

Indian standard measures absorb our mail

order catalog big eonni up with 50 ml /

k @ m JQ near the 25 or 15 euros a Tata

yeah 45 90 below Sakata stuff in a 30 or

60 ml he queue yeah he be psycho item

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standard measure 30 ml or 60 ml man who

dada bartender are you are watching

cocktails india a pig is a unit of our

volume for measuring liquor in India and

Nepal or GIJoe dumps a large big or

small pika he hum look consider kurta 60

ml or 30 ml key Thorson uncle occupy

Volta a pig of alcohol it means we have

to serve 30 ml of alcohol India may lick

your alcohol content is fixed 42.8 a V V

is kamatovik he up Co Agra India may

alcohol produced Curtin ahead - avocado

alcoholic percentage ova giraffe 42.8

que vivir his comic lava alcohol by


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the Kogi was political 42.8% V by V his

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bottle major alcohol hey boy sit 42% or

bark is your head go ahead honey

so yeah India cos standard agar he C sub

complement the nozzle back there so 30ml

kachou alcohol of course circuit at

ahead who Smith your alcohol to avoid

twenty five point six eight milliliters

of agar hum log iske answer Rudy you had

30 ml todo answer Somnath ahead okay

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I get depend Kentucky up Casey 30ml

alcohol cup consume car to halakha

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Kapiti yeah busca

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Leandra key he silly extended measure to

negate our 30 ml or 60 ml avital dosto

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bartender Sapna comforter usually g3

cocktails deca guy who's got a standard

misery who has 60 ml 30ml Socata Joe's

750 milk a bottle I walk count kinda me

Subedar I or this guy he served you I

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Ducati know that though getting a

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worldwide dick Ajay

so one ounce kalsekar Hamasaki Agata him

one ounce cometh lava 29.57 milliliter

or here throws a complicated active

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standard who's at 30ml that they will

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point five seven car problem of water

near the 30 malik round figure oh yeah

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Kavya Karen hey bar inventory Kelly 30ml

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