Measuring Without A Tape Measure

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Shh all right I'm at the boat here I had

to make a few measurements here and I

thought I'd share something with you if

you're looking for a precision

measurement obviously you're gonna need

a tape measure but to give you a

ballpark figure this is something I do

if it can help you out great so I think

everyone knows about the dollar the

twenty dollar thing zoom in on this


zoom in on this cat won't this thing

turn anyway you'll figure it out so

everyone knows the dollars just above

six inches it's like six hundred eight

or something out of no idea but it's

pretty much six inches again ballpark

and I always start when I measure things

I see how this little tab is right here

it can it looks pretty accurate here but

uh when I'm looking to measure stuff

accurately I start at the one and then

just subtract one so here you know

something I like to do is my hand how

long it is from point A to point B or

pinky to thumb whatever you want and

then you can add two and then you know

times it up that way so you just want to

take a measurement again I start the one

and I'm just going to stretch it out and

if you can see you can't really see too

much here but it's about eleven minus

this one so I got a ten inch span pretty

much two hands out you know it's gonna

be 20 I know I'm 511 usually uh from

like one of this this thumb here to this

thumb if I go like this it's probably

gonna be about six foot whatever reason

it's six foot but to measure yours and

it's really kind of simple just get a

mark right here okay this little tab

right here and out to here

and this is woo-ee

that's right at you know I guess it's

5:11 from thumb of the thumb okay but

it's right around 6 foot why is that

important so if you have a rope and you

need let's say 18 put a rope okay it's

your just need 18 foot of rope okay

basically your thumb at the end of the

rope again this isn't precision so there

bear with me

sorry here one two and three so if

you're looking for that quick

measurement you know the dollar that's

gonna be about six inches the length of

your arms from thumb the more my on the

camera thumb the thumb that's about six

foot a little bit less for me you got to

find your own measurement there and from

you know pinky the thumb that's about 10

inches but if you want the precision

measurement you got to take the tape

measure out something like this or your