Medifast quick tip You're measuring your vegetables the wrong way! Watch THIS!

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hey guys it's Brianna this is gonna be a

quick tip on why you need to weigh your

vegetables instead of using those

measuring cups does this look like a cup

of lettuce to you this is what most

people would say right it's leafy greens

it's a handful I will tell you though

I'm gonna show you this is just a

demonstration a point I don't know I'm I

will show you why you need to weigh your

vegetables instead of using those pesky

measuring cups because this is a fistful

of veggies right watch what happens when

I put this into a bowl okay guys so this

is my standard Bowl it's on my digital

food scale I have it zeroed out a cup

worth of this lettuce is supposed to be

56 grams you ready for this

watch what happens it fills up this bowl

totally fills it up all right on the dot

56 56 grams okay so just to give you an

idea guys one cup actually fills up this

whole bowl because if you need to

compress it to get the proper weight for

this if you are using measuring cups

like this right

and these are my collapsible cups if

you're using a cup measuring like this

what's going to happen I'm gonna show

you about how much you would end up

putting in here I mean this is if you're

really stuffing it right okay and this

is only one serving guy so you can have

three servings of greens a day for your

leanin green look what you're going to

end up with this look how much you are

missing out on this is one serving and

you're supposed to have three servings

of greens a date so if you're choosing

some of those leafy greens if you're

using these kind of measuring cups even

if you stuff it down you're going to be

shorting yourself of this much so weigh

your vegetables okay

this is it this is one serving of leafy

greens wait out on a digital food scale

so I know it's an added cost it's $20

I'm still using the same digital food

scale that I started with three years

ago and it's still going strong I think

I've replaced the battery once um so

it's gonna be about 20 dollars you can

get them through Amazon Bed Bath &

Beyond Target Walmart wherever you shop

but trust me you need one of these

otherwise you're gonna be shorting

yourself on some of your vegetables it's

just one small simple step you don't

even have to dirty a measuring cup and

order to do this but I'm telling you

it'll make sure that you're getting

enough to eat and that you're getting

your full leaning green and all of your

nutrition for the day all right guys

I'll see you soon