How To Properly Measure Flour (#1 baking tip) // Lindsay Ann Bakes

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hi I'm Lindsay Ann and today I'm gonna

teach you how to avoid one of the

biggest baking mistakes by showing you

how to accurately measure your flour for

your recipe


flower is one of the most common

ingredients in baking but measuring it

incorrectly is probably one of the most

common mistakes now one cup of my

all-purpose flour weighs 120 grams which

is four and a quarter ounces and what

most new Baker's do is just take their

measuring cup and scoop there's one cup

of flour straight from the bag and level

it off against the side this packs so

much extra flour into your cup and when

I do it this way let's see how much I

get almost 160 grams that's so much

extra flour per cup it's gonna make your

baked baked goods dry and dense and

heavy so if you don't have a scale which

is the best method to measure your flour

the next best thing you can do is the

fluff spoon and level method so I'm

going to show you that method using this

bowl of flour to show you how much

leftover we're gonna have so first you

fluff it either in its bag or its

container to kind of aerate the flour

and then you spoon it lightly into your

measuring cup and you're not going to

want to shake the cup or tap the cup

because this is gonna compact your flour

and add too much into the cup and you're

gonna fill it until it's full and

overflowing with flour and you can

already see we have some left over


and you take either a spatula or the

back flat edge of a spoon and you just

level it off and then when we do it this

way let's see how much I get

119 almost 120 so this gives us way more

of an accurate amount of flour that we

need in our recipe and you can see we

have this much extra flour when we

measured it incorrectly so you can see

how much extra flour per cup remember

that that's gonna add to your recipe so

now that you know how to measure flour

accurately go ahead try out some recipes

and see if you can tell the difference

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