How to Teach Yourself to Measure without Measuring Spoons

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hi this is Julie here to bring you a

wholefoods fast tip and today's tip is

learning how to measure without

measuring spoons and I originally write

about this in the splendid tables how to

eat supper book and it's something I had

kind of been doing for a while but I was

never quite sure how accurate I was

being when I wasn't measuring and so

this kind of provided me with a concrete

way to test myself and really get

accustomed to how much I was putting in

why would you want to learn to measure

without measuring spoons well when

you're doing cooking something like a

soup or you know a casserole you don't

really need to be as exact when you're

baking is it when you're baking

something like a cake so if you're off

just a little bit it's not going to

matter and it also speeds up your

cooking time considerably because you

don't have to stop get a measuring spoon

you know let's say you need one teaspoon

of this one teaspoon of that you don't

have to stop and wash between to you

know make sure you're not mixing up the

flavors in the container so that's why

you do it so I'm just going to start and

show you her tip and that is to learn

how to do it you measure into your hand

for probably I would guess like a couple

weeks to a month so here's my fourth of

a teaspoon so I measure it in my hand

and they say okay that's what a fourth

of a teaspoon looks like in my hand and

then and you do this every time you're

cooking before you throw your half a

teaspoon of salt into your dish you want

to throw it in your hand just to get an

idea okay so that's a half of a teaspoon

and then you remember that okay that's

what a half a teaspoon looks like in my

hand and then the teaspoon it's okay so

that's what it 1 teaspoon looks like

just get used to trying it with the

different things you're doing it so if

yours calls for half a teaspoon of

oregano you know throw it in there four

calls for one teaspoon of chili powder

throw it in the throw it in here and

then in your hand