Easy Life Hack: DIY Funnel and Measuring Cup

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hey everyone it's owe me from leftovers

for dinner today I'm going to share with

you guys a really simple kitchen hack to

help you around the kitchen or in your

home what we're going to do is we're

going to use this water bottle and we

are going to make a basic funnel and

measuring cup little backstory I moved

from Virginia all the way across the

country in New Mexico and I really

didn't bring anything with me including

my kitchen supplies now today I actually

need a funnel and some purified water so

I figured out how to do this okay so the

supplies are extremely basic you just

need a water bottle a cup to pour your

water in and some scissors you may also

want a little marker okay take your

water bottle and dump the water out into

your cup you should make sure you have a

cup that's big enough to hold all the

water now find the line at the top of

your water bottle it's usually right

about there right where it starts to

turn into the long part you're going to

take your scissors and cut along that

line make sure you keep the edges even

once you've done that you're going to

end up with something like this

here's your funnel and your funnel is

going to fit right into your water

bottle it'll also fit into most of your

cups like that so you can use it to

funnel or siphon in stuff that you need

to funnel now the cool thing is if you

cut the edges evenly you can actually

keep this and reuse this which is good

if you're you know like a broke college

student or a van dweller or you just

need to do a project on the cheap now

the thing is you can use these water

bottles as measuring cups and I figured

it out if you buy certain brands of

water bottles like these the part that

they get skinny actually works as a

measuring point now this doesn't work

with all water bottles you may want to

play with it but it's pretty good for

what I'm doing

and not everything has to be perfect I'm

going to show you how to basically make

it a cup of water so what you're going

to do is once you've emptied that water

into your cup you're going to pour it

into the halfway point of your bottle of

water now I'm working with a 16.9

flowing ounces bottle of water we're

going to just assume that the funnel was

probably that point nine I filled the

water bottle up halfway and then I used

a marker now I'm going to go ahead and

pour it into this cup and there you go I

was pretty on point there see now I have

a cup of purified water that I can use

for a recipe or some project that I'm

doing pretty cool you can hold on to

that little funnel and a measuring cup

you can also assume that if you fill it

up to the top that should be

approximately 2 cups maybe a little bit

less it's not exact science but in a

pinch it's it's a lifesaver so that's my

little funnel and my little measuring

cup pretty cool