✅ How Many Tbsp In 1 4 Cup

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hello how are you today in today's video

we are going to answer question about

how many telescope tbsps 10 for our

telescope in 1/4 cup in a quarter cup

well this is an answer a quarter cup is

equal to 4 tbsp okay in case of hue one

to comfort to have a spoon and in


well the first thing is to do is we need

to know one cup is equal to honey stone

so to make one 1/4 cup into one cup we

need to multiply one oh one quarter for

one corn with four okay so for multiply

it with one water power equal to you

just have four MLS must not applied for

inner extra 4 into flat for everything

can establish feel so yeah just think

let's go get this one this a short

portion of it so for multiplying 1/4 is

equal to 4 for a cup k12 flat 4 is 16

okay let's go so I'm sorry Emma

so one cart is equal to 16 devil spoon

and for example how many of tells going

to be having 10 cup of liquid could be

water tank up equal to how many cherries

are in this book all this is the problem

you need to first multiply

in with one cop you go from here and

then you go from here o is equal to just

a light purple we have four MLS must

have or not and you have ten life must

have tender actual and then multiply it

with this number

the basic formula right on copies equal

to 16 closed book ok km cup equal to n

time Oh 16 which equals 360 tousle okay

guess on self question happening if you

have an included question please go


you can put income box finally take a

few lengths