Learning to Measure to 1/16 of an Inch

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hi I want to go over learning to measure

with you and learning to use a steel

ruler and read two sixteenths of an inch

and one of the things that people are

learning or learning how to measure get

concerned about is how do we keep all of

those fractions straight and so what I

want to do is show you just the easiest

way that I know to read a ruler and make

it very simple the first thing though

that you need to do is to figure out

what the denominator is and so there's a

really easy way to do that and I'm going

to show you what that is number one the

first thing you do is you need to look

at the elevation of the tick mark and

each of these is called a tick mark and

so each tick mark as you can see has a

different elevation and so this tick

mark for example has an elevation that's

going to have a denominator as a 16 this

one and then this one has a denominator

that's going to be an eighth

this one is going to be the fourth and

that one is going to be a half and so if

we if we look at an inch what we can see

is that by denominator it's very easy to

understand exactly a half of the

fraction for example this is a sixteenth

and eight a sixteenth a corner a

sixteenth and eighth a sixteenth a half

a 16 and so on so each of those

elevations is very quickly going to give

you half of whatever the measurement is

so right now I'm just going to put in

the fraction

so now all I need to do I know that this

is going to be a 1 it's going to be

something over 1 then this is a 16 and 8

a 16 a fourth a 16 and 8 a 16 a half 16

8 16 4 16 8 16 and 1 again so now it now

we already know exactly 1/2 of whatever

the fraction is and that really makes

things easy so now all we need to do is

to figure out what it is that the

pattern is on the denominator or the

numerator and if we look at this this is

1 16 3 16 v 16 7 6 9 11 13 and 15 so

when we look at what the patterns are

for those denominators over here this

the pattern for the 16 is 1 3 5 7 9 11

13 and 15 so it's an odd number that

simply increases that's the pattern and

so it makes it really easy and then on

8th it's exactly the same thing 1 3 5 7

and so here on the eighths right here 1

3 5 7 so on the 16th 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15

it's easy to do if you just know that

those are

to be odd every other odd numerator and

so on the force it's the same pattern

and on the halves there's just one so so

you can already tell that it's very easy

to know exactly what it is that the

numerator is going to be because it's

the same pattern with all of the

fractions so in this case it's 0 over 1

1 1 and let's just do let's do 16 s

first 1 16 3 16 5 6 7 9 11 13 15 so look

how fast that is that's really really

easy let's do this pattern again on 8 1

3 5 7

that's really fast now let's come back

here 1 & 3 on the fourths and there's

only one half left and this is obviously

1 over 1 so now hopefully that's an

easier way to to understand how to

measure first of all come up with your

denominator by looking at the elevation

of the tick mark and then use your

pattern 1 through 5 79 to figure out

what the numerator is I hope that's

helpful what I recommend to you now is

to get on the internet and type in the

ruler game net and this is a great way

to get some practice on learning to

measure and so what you do is you come

down here and look at this area that's

in yellow and if you're new you can

start on halves and then increase to

quarters just simply by clicking on it

and then eighths and then up to

sixteenths and so what we want to do is

to go ahead and get fast at sixteenth

seven-inch you should have enough to do

this now by sixteenths but if you don't

feel free to drop back

and also if you are having a hard time

with it turn off the timer until you get

some speed on but the way this works is

I'm going to leave the timer on and I'm

going to hit start new game so I hit

start new game and it wants me to find

one and seven sixteenths well there it

is so I click it and I've got 10 points

I've got 8 seconds to do the next one 3

and 3/8 which is right here 3 and 1/4

right here oh I made an error so I

struck out you can see that I have one

strike I've got to go to eleven

sixteenths right there seven sixteenths

right there I've acquired 40 points and

so you can kind of see how the game

works I'm going to go ahead and strike

out by making an error and one more

strike out and so that allows you to

restart the game if you are proficient

you really should get to about 5,000 on

this score it is surprising how you can

over multiple practice sessions get to

5,000 but it does take you a little bit

of practice in 10 minutes of this is

sufficient and usually within about 5 10

minute sessions you can get to 10,000

and then you will never have trouble

reading a ruler again I hope this helps

you learn to read a ruler more

accurately and more quickly