How to read a syringe

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alright guys this isn't um this is not a

skill like skill number such-and-such

this is just me trying to tell you how

to read a syringe in how to properly get

the correct amount of medication in

there I'm also going to show you how to

properly put a needle on to the syringe

okay I know some of you will go and

that's awful silly but you know it it it

may not be for some people okay alright

so this is a syringe okay this is this

is what we draw a medication up into

there are three milliliter syringes

there are one milliliter syringes there

are five milliliter 10 milliliter 60

milliliter they come in all different

all different sizes okay they are marked

on they're marked with a graduated

measuring system loops on it okay

some of them each line in between is two

and some of them each line is one so

you'll have to know what it is okay so

for this this one which is a three

milliliter you see the one is right here

now if this is a half so that's 0.5 so

that means each line here is is one okay

so if you had to draw 0.5 of the


this black plunger this this thing right

here oops this thing right here this

line see this line right here this this

thing right here that's what you want to

line up with the numbers or the lines on

the syringe okay so if I had to draw 0.5

of a medication I want to have that

plunger on this line right there okay I

don't want it I don't want it just above

I don't want it just below I want it

right on that line so that line


okay so you're going to push the syringe

or the medicine or get that that black

plunger right on that half or that point

five so that line disappears and you

can't see that line anymore that means

you're right on that means you're right

on the correct dosage that you need okay

so let's say that we had to draw up 1.2


okay so 1.2 milliliters oops there we go

so there's this is the one right here

right right we're going to go 1 & 2

right there that is 1.2 milliliters of

of medicine okay so anything that was in

here okay is your medicine this is not

this is just air down here right the

plunger part okay you got it so that's

how you read a syringe now how you put

on a needle okay you have your your

syringe that has a lure they called a

lower lock I believe part so you see

that it's like a male end okay a male

end okay and then you have your needle

okay and it has like a female end okay

and opening so what you do is you just

put the two together see just like this

put the two together and turn it okay so

it's nice and tight nice and snug so

that meant that see if I pull which I'm

pulling it's not coming off okay so so

that means that my needle is snugly on

my syringe and if I was to pull really

hard my cover would come off of my

needle okay all right and then I would

recap it by putting the cap on the on

the counter and sliding my needle into

it okay

a-and I'm able to lift see how I'm able

to lift that cover and slide it right on

to my needle that's so that you don't

stick yourself okay that's a safety

thing you don't ever ever ever ever I

don't ever want to see you doing this

holding this I don't ever want to see

you holding this and sliding the needle

in okay always put your cover down on

the counter and slide your needle into

it okay and then you can slide it on and

snap it on okay so that's how to read a

a syringe and how to put a needle on to

the syringe as well as how to recap the

needle safely okay