Testing a 0-60 Phone Free App

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so I'm here in the car and I have a new

app on my phone it is a zero to 60 up

you lay it flat you push the start

button where you hear the sound you

stomp it and it gives you your zero to

60 time it has to be laying flat so I'm

gonna put it up here on the dash just

let that I've got the GoPro shown on it

and I'm gonna take the other GoPro and

hold it you up the steering wheel that

way we you can watch the speed I'm are

you must attack and maybe the boy can

hold the camera and on the road up first

let's get it into sport mode she's ready

this is what the app looks like hit the

start button and when you hit start oh

and now it's raining so we'll do this 0

to 60 in the rain so you hit the start

button please wait and then now it's

ready to go as soon as you go here are

go and I'll show you it feels that

you're moving and it's gonna clock me up

to 0 to 60 and it'll stop it 60

it was the time welcome to this in the

rain with the traction control arm so

this will not be a true accurate reading

and I was there to 60 in 6.5 seconds