How to Measure Elevation of Land, Slope, With a String and 2 Metal Posts: No Transit or Laser Level

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alright guys I've got a problem here

I've got a little bit of high ground

water and we just had all that snow and

tons of rain to follow it so I've got to

figure out how to redirect this water

and I don't have a transit or any other

expensive equipment to measure the

variation in height on my property so

we're going to do this the old-fashioned

way if you look behind me here you can

see that I think you can see it in this

camera here there's some water and it's

kind of I don't know it's probably a

foot deep over there and then if you

look around over here we've got some

water right down in that area to along

the fence line now I would like to

direct all that water around this big

raised up area of land all the way down

to that area right now but my concern is

is this area right over here that I'm

pointing out lower than the area over

here so we got to figure that out like I

said I don't have any expensive

equipment so we're going to do this the

old-fashioned way now already went and

got a some key posts you can see right

there and pound it into the ground and

you can see the lion on there I run it

all the way down and it's a attach to

another key post down at the other end

there so what we do is put those two t

posts in the ground and then measure

with a tape measure from the bottom of

the T post just we can figure this out

with one hand alright so I'm gonna go

down at the base of the T post I've got

both T posts pounded in right at the

edge of the top of the water there so

I'm going to measure up and I measured

up on both of them too

it's just an arbitrary number 41 inches

and that's where I have my lion attached

right at the 41 inch height then I went

and did the same thing down there I put

a T post in and measured 41 inches up

from the water line and attached the

line to that end I pulled this line

super-tight I mean it is really tight

but because there's obviously uh you

know a little bit of weight to that line

I think no matter how tight you pull it

you're going to get just a touch of

bowing to it I mean it's pretty straight

you may not even be able to pick it out

I can hardly with my naked eye and maybe

may yeah I mean it's pretty straight but

there's always going to be a hair of a

SAG in it just because there is weight

to it so what we'll do next is run out

there to the middle of the line to make

it as accurate as possible and grab our

level and see where we're at all right

guys so this is pretty makeshift but you

can get pretty accurate on this so let

me get the tape measure out here and

we're about in the middle of that line

here I've set up some bricks and a

little piece of bark here there try and

kind of balance that level just

underneath the line and then I want to

bring this thing up just to is perfectly

level as I can get it and then measure

the distance on this end over here

between the strings and the top of a


and I'm getting right at an inch so now

that I measure that distance I've got an

inch gap between the top of the level

and the string on this end over here and

so I know that for every 4 foot this

level is 4 foot long so I know that for

every 4 foot of distance I drop 1 inch

going the way I've want it to to where I

want to direct the water so all you

would do from there and I already

measured this out get out a calculator

here so I've got let's see 132 feet from

one end of the from one state to the

other out there so then all we do is

just divide that by 4 but 132 divided by

4 we get 33 feet and so I know that for

every 4 foot I've got one inch and drop

so if I divide it by 4 I get 33 I've got

33 inches of drop overall from the top

of the water down on one end to the top

of the water on the other end divide

that by 12 I've got 2 and 3/4 feet drop

in elevation so that answers my question

I feel pretty dang good about 10 I can

actually run all of that water over


all the way down to the other end that

is on the other side of the property

where I don't really have anything going

on anyway it's removed from the house

from the gardens from everything and in

fact I had considered making a retention

pond over there at some point but I may

not have to even get into the expense of

that because it is 2 2.75 feet lower

down on that and all I'll have to do is

direct the flow of water and I'll be

able to eliminate all of this from this

side of the property where my garden is

my hoop house and everything else is

it's pretty cool news it's been an issue

for a lot of years and I'm finally to a

point where I just need to deal with it

so anyway I hope that helps you guys out

you don't need expensive equipment

just get out there do like the

old-timers did it and you're going to

get pretty dang accurate so if you liked

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have an awesome day I'll see you guys in

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