How To Take Care Of Goats

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how to care for goats

hello and welcome to videojug we've come

to Vauxhall city farm in London to show

how to keep and care for goats go to

curious caring animals

these are pygmy goats who make

especially affectionate companions goats

can live for 10 to 14 years providing

years of companionship to a loving owner

go to sociable herd animals and

shouldn't be kept on their own

step one housing embedding goats need a

decent amount of space to exercise and

play in and are generally best suited to

rural areas the size of the space needed

depends on the breed and the number of

goats check with your local authority as

it's illegal to keep goats privately in

some cities goats need constant access

to a dry shelter at night it's a good

idea to provide a secure lockable barn

to keep the goats safe from predators

there should be plenty of straw or dry

bedding in the shelter goats have a

tendency to jump and explore they must

not be tethered so fencing must be

strong and at least 5 feet high to

prevent them from escaping

step2 handling goats are sensitive

intelligent animals that should be

handled in a careful manner approach

them quietly slowly and in plain view at

Vauxhall city farm two volunteers

approach a goat at a time to lessen the

chances of it running away pygmy goats

who have a lot of contact with humans

are relatively easy to handle they are

quite happy being held securely with

both hands under the arm of a volunteer

step3 health goat should be inspected

regularly especially for foot conditions

light and mange a healthy goat should

have clear and bright eyes a smooth and

shiny coat be alert and lively with a

good appetite consult your vet to check

if your goat needs any extra health care

such as vaccinations goats are prone to

foot problems so check them every day

and use a hoof pick to remove any

pebbles and a brush to remove dirt or

mud feet may also need to be trimmed

which should be carried out by a trained

person use a large grooming brush all

over the goat in the direction of the

fur to remove any dirt or dandruff

step four diet goats me plenty of hay

which should be put in a hay rack rather

than on the ground their diet varies

depending on the time of year age and

condition of each animal but must

contain vegetables and hay talk to your

vet about how to manage your goats diet

and which plants are poisonous to them

goats also need a constant supply of

fresh clean water step 5

exercise and play let your goats roam

free in their living space every day

goats are herd animals so shouldn't be

kept on their own it's best to keep

females of the same age and preferably

the same family

step 6 cleaning sweep out the goats

exercise and bedding areas every day

removing a urine soaked straw and

dropping from the sleeping area and

replace it with fresh dry straw