Gerbera Care || Tips on how to care for a Gerbera Daisy

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hello everyone and welcome to my channel

today we'll be talking about

Jabra care there's my job behind me

there so you may have got this as a gift

from someone or you may have seen it at

the nursery or the garden center I

thought that was really pretty I'm going

to take that home and then got it home

to look I don't know how to care for

this plant at all so I wanted to give

you some tips that I've picked up

people tend to get this plant and then

once the flowers die off they'll get rid

of it but under the right conditions

this plant can live for two to three

years so I'm going to see how mine gets

on and then we'll see if it lasts from

sorry that is my dog in the background

he wants to be part of this video

apparently and so we'll see how mine

gets on I'll give you updates on whether

it lasts more than this season or not

and just if the tips have helped

the first thing you need to consider is

the amount of light you're going to be

able to give this plant the Daisy likes

to have a lot of light so for them to

bloom they need to have a lot of light I

keep mine in the east-facing window

which is our kitchen and it gets a lot

of bright light in the morning and then

in the afternoon doesn't get any light

so it doesn't get any of that hot Sun in

the afternoon which tends to favor the

Daisy because they like a lot of light

but not too hot because if they get too

hot then it can scorch the leaves and

they can not bloom as well so the other

thing is not getting enough light so the

if they don't get enough light that

means that they won't bloom so if your

daisies are blooming it might be because

they're not getting enough light so if

you can only give them in direct

sunlight you want to be giving them that

indirect sunlight for the whole day so

they'll want that indirect light all day

so the other thing you need to consider

is the temperature that they're kept out

so they like to be kept fairly warm so

as long as your house is warm enough for

you they'll be generally very happy

so with watering what you want to be

doing is checking if the soil is dry

before you water it they don't like to

be over watered like many plants which i

think is more of my issue is that I tend

to overwater plants love them a bit too

much and give them too much water so I

either feel the soil or what I've got is

this soil monitor but if Amazon it was

like a tena and it just tells you when

the soil is moist or not it goes from

extra dry dry normal wet and extra wet

so if I just show you on here what the

directions look like so you turn it on

and then it will show you the how dry it

is so obviously it's not in anything at

the moment so it's very dry but it will

tell you there how dry it tells you the

temperature it tells you the amount of

light in that area and then you can also

change the settings which I've never


but it could have told you the pH as

well but I only use this for seeing

whether it's moist or not so that's the

only reason I use it I know they do have

cheaper versions on Amazon so I would

recommend getting the chief of versions

because that's all I use this for is to

measure whether I need to water my plant

or not if you're interested in all the

other stuff then feel free to go ahead

and get this one but there is one just

cheaper it just has like a dial on it

and it tells you whether it's wet or dry

so you can tell from those as well I'll

link this one in the description so you

guys know where to get it from so I'll

wait until it's dry not extra dry just

dry and then I'll water it through soak

it through until it drips at the bottom

and then I'll let it drip through a bit

and then I'll pop it back in its pot so

mines actually in a pot with in a pot so

it's got the plastic pot with the

holders at the bottom for drainage and

then I've got this ceramic pot for

underneath and so I'll let it drop drip

through and then I'll pop it back in

this pot and you want to make sure that

it drips through quite well because you

don't want any water sitting in the

bottom of this because that can cause

root rot the other thing with watering

is they will tell you when you need

watering so I had this the other day was

that the leaves were all kind of hooked

round the bowl like this they're all

kind of drooping down and I thought oh

no the leaves dying off now because

they've got these ones that are sticking

up which are the new growth and I

thought oh maybe these ones die off like

the flowers do and I have to clip them

back but Lee I gave it some water and it

has poked back to life and all the

leaves have kind of sprung back up again

so it will tell you as well when it

needs to be watered it will kind of

start to droop a little bit

if the next thing is feeding so I feed

mine with a normal house pile fertilizer

whichever one you like but I feed them

once a month in the spring and summer

when it goes through to autumn and

winter you don't want to be feeding them

at all because they're not going to be

flowering at that point so you only want

to be feeding them really when they're

going to be blooming

the next thing is pruning so if you can

see in here but I've pruned some of my

back there was about six or seven blooms

on this one and they just bloom like

this and then they'll just will over and


so I clipped my back when they started

to do that because you don't want the

plant putting any extra energy into

flowers that are going to be dying off

you want them to be putting energy into

the ones that alive and putting through

new growth as well so click those back

or pick them off when they start to die

and then that can leave room for new

grace to come in so that was about it

from me about gerbic hair so if you have

any questions feel free to pop them in

the comments and I'll get back to you

also there's a tips I've missed and do

you know if that helps with your Jabra

Daisy feel free to put them in the

comments and help other people out this

is Sherlock my fur baby and he has been

roaming around this whole shoot so you

might see him popping his head around in

the video and so just thought I'd give

you a proper view of what he looks like

thank you very much for watching and

I'll see you next time