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what's up barefoot nation I got a great

video today have you ever wondered why

your pond isn't always crystal-clear

well stay tuned I got the answers for

you all right guys so we're gonna start

at the mouth of this issue pun intended

because we're looking at my waterfall so

aeration is huge with the water feature

whether you have a big collect pond that

you need that you want to have clear or

if it's a small eight hundred gallon

garden pond just like mine eight hundred

gallon just because my pond is 800

gallons what you're looking at here is

an aqua scape bio falls so you probably

can't see too much plastic and that's by

design so this thing is really supposed

to look like a natural spring and that's

the goal with water features is to have

them look totally natural even though in

the case of a liner pond

you're completely man-made now this

waterfall is connected it flows down a

seven-foot stream right into the pond

and so even though I built this pond it

and it's man-made it's crystal clear

because I have rock and gravel

so boulders on the sides and gravel on

the bottom now one of the things you'll

notice about my pond is you can see all

the different colors of stone above

water under the water they're all

basically the same color the reason for

that is I introduced different strains

of beneficial bacteria nitrifying

bacteria to be specific and that is what

they colonized the all of the surface

area on the stone so this is part of the

filter so if you wash this away with a

pressure washer or really anything more

than a garden hose you're doing damage

to your ponds the other part of the

filtration system

fish are part of the filter believe it

or not if you have a pond and you don't

have fish you're missing a portion now

you don't necessarily have to have koi

like I do you could do edible fish like

tilapia or whatever you know whatever

fish you like to eat if you wanted to go

that route or you could do goldfish you

could do you know whatever freshwater

fish you want that's suitable for your

climate now I live in zone 6

so this pond you know we have

temperatures down to negative five last

winter so putting in something like a

cichlid wouldn't be kind to the fish but

there are people in Florida who do that

so the fish are huge now the other part

that's really important is plants so

when I'm talking about plants water

lilies are beautiful but they really

their main function is to shade the pond

they don't do a lot as far as pulling

nutrients out of the pond really where

it's at is marginals specifically

perennial marginals another potential

thing that might keep your ponds from

being crystal clear is fish now fish are

crucial to the ecology of the pond to

feed the plants and you know to feed the

bacteria but too many fish is what the

issue is

now in the case of koi where there are

dozens of varieties you know and it

seems that every time you go to the pawn

shop you have a temptation to buy more

fish it's important to you know kind of

be careful and resist that urge if if

your pond is is biologically full

because if you don't that's what will

make the pond overstocked now the rule

of thumb is is an inch of fish per 10

gallons of water is what the the formula

is but I've found that a good happy

medium is 250 gallons of

water per koi fish so goldfish on

average need about 40 gallons of water

per fish based on the research that I've

done if you guys have seen different

numbers or different formulas let me

know down in the comments I'd like to

hear from you guys so the function of

pond plants is to pull the nitrate

nitrates out of the water now let me

back up a minute nitrates are the final

product of the nitrogen cycle which the

nitrifying bacteria are responsible for

carrying out Metra fiying bacteria are

what's also known as beneficial bacteria

in the water garden industry and they

turn ammonia which is fish poop into

nitrite and then a different strain also

included in your package turns nitrite

into nitrate nitrate is what makes the

algae in your water so if you guys have

a problem with green we're like you

could also need to have shade for your

pond which is also what plants will do

is shade the pond so instead of having

algae to soak up the nitrate what we

like to do is have aquatic plants if you

have a good selection of tropical which

really soak up the nutrient load and but

you know but you need to read take them

out for the winter and overwinter them

or just heat your pond depending on your

climate that might be applicable or you

might not need to do that and but

basically tropical plants and perennials

if you live in a colder climate like I

live in a zone six perennials for

example this font and I see elephant ear

I need to pull out for the winter for it

to survive another really important

element for liner ponds is a skimmer so

I just showed you where my skimmer was

and to have the skimmer concealed as

also really important now you can't see

it at all because of the Paul's glory

hosta and look and Fergie Xia rufa but

when you step aside and you open the

fake rock lid you even get free water

hyacinths that tends to happen with

palms that are well skimmed you have a

nut and this is uh I recommend aquascape

products because they are really high

quality they're not the cheapest but

you're going to get better quality so

you would have basically you have a

weird door and this if you guys want me

to do installation videos or you know

something tips about how to naturalize

just let me know down in the comments so

you can see basically I have a net in

this case I have a another pad which

there are more pads and the bio falls

and then there's the pump so the pump

this is an aquascape 3000 or aqua surge

3000 and it's oriented vertically so

that it utilizes the space in this small

skimmer most adequately so you can see

the skimmer right there now the water is

carried in a pipe underground buried

through this garden bed all the way

around to the waterfall so you can't see

any of the man-made stuff because it's

all grown in but the pipe is inserted

and glued into the bio falls unit which

is buried and disguised or a micro falls

in this case and it cascades down back

into the pond back in the skimmer so

this is a recirculating unit and all

liner ponds are so there's no you know

you can put in things like auto fill

valves and all those bells and whistles

but for a basic Pond the main

ingredients are a skimmer a bio falls

of course your liner rock and gravel

fish and plants that's it

another reason you guys might be

experiencing green water in your palms

or any kind of pollution that keeps it

from being crystal clear is because you

have lawn you might have lawn going

right up against it and that's not

really good so if we go along my pond

you can see that the along the whole way

there's garden and what that does is it

gives me a barrier so that all of this

lawn clippings when I mow which has

nitrogen in it which nitrogen feeds the

bacteria like I've talked about earlier

will in turn pollute the water so that's

another thing that you want to keep in

mind is even an area like this is very

narrow as far as the the garden bat is

concerned but it's still enough you know

to keep lawn clippings out of the water

now plants and you know in an area of

garden as best as opposed to stone

because the plants will catch and filter

the water before it goes into into the

the pond all right guys that's gonna do

it for today's video

so I hope you've learned something let

me know what you think the problem with

your pond is if it's not crystal clear

let me know if it is crystal clear I

want to hear from you guys I also want

to take a moment now to thank each and

every one of you guys who have

subscribed to my channel it means so

much to me and you guys are all

incredible so just thank you so much

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