The Wildlife Garden Project - How to help hedgehogs in your garden

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welcome back to the wildlife garden

project today we're going to be showing

you how you can help hedgehogs in your

garden now hedgehogs are in decline in

the UK so we're going to show you a few

simple things that you can do to help

the first thing to think about is

hedgerows needs field to get into your

garden so if you've got fences all the

way around your garden no small mammal

is going to be able to get in so the

needs of solution just create a small

five inch hole around the bottom of your

fences and get your neighbors to do the

same because the idea is to get a

wildlife corridor going through all of

the gardens because hedges need on

average about four or five gardens in

order to survive but the ideal thing of

course for hedgehogs is hedges it's

really easy to provide perfect habitat

for hedgehogs all you need to do is just

be a little bit untidy for things like

dead leaves dead vegetation just take

put it in a part by the hedgerow we're

in a quiet corner of your garden because

all the hedgehogs really want is

somewhere quiet to hide to sleep and to

hibernate and another great habitat as

well as compost heaps but just be

careful if you have got one if you turn

it over with a fork make sure you be

careful so you don't stab any of your

freaky residents

a hedgehog's natural diet it's all kinds

of invertebrates like beetles

caterpillars and juicy slugs and worms

but it can be really helpful to put some

extra food out for them cats and dog

foods the best it can be either wet or

dry try to avoid fish tripe and beef

flavors chicken and turkeys the best

thing to go with and jellies better than

gravy and hedgehogs hibernate between

November and March so if you do see a

hedgehog out during this time it's a

great idea to offer it some food because

you may very well help it through the


the best way to make sure that all the

food you protected Hedgehog doesn't get

eaten by the neighbor's cat is to

provide them with a feeding station you

can buy these ready-made from shops or

the cheapest and easiest way is to use

something like this all it is is a

plastic box we've cut a sort of 5 inch

hole a hedgehog sized hole into it here

we've just covered it with a bit of

Gaffa tape just so there's no spiky

edges that can potentially damage the

hedgehog we've got a selection of foods

here we've got some nice meaty chicken

in jelly some meaty biscuits and some

fresh water

and when you're positioning your feeding

station this side here the side with the

hole in had that about five or six

inches away from a fence or a hedgerow

and then only hedgehogs can squeeze

through and position the food at the

other side of the box so that a cat

can't get its arm in there and pull it


there are a few potential risks you need

to be aware of in your garden if you've

got hedgehogs around if you leave things

like barbed wire or chicken wire mesh

around a hedge I can potentially get in

twined in it it can be very dangerous if

you've got a pond as well make sure it's

got a gentle sloping ramp coming out of

it or sloping sides so if a hedgehog

does fall in it can get back out again

and never you slug pellets because the

very chemicals that make slugs die can

make head jogs really ill and in any

case if you've got a hedgehog around it

should do a good job of eating the slugs

anyway and finally if you've got long

areas of lawn and you're going to stream

it or mow it always check for hedgehogs

underneath first to make sure they're

not hiding in there and bonfires

similarly hedgehogs often stay in there

because it's perfect habitat for a

hedgehog a big pile of sticks and logs

so always always always check underneath

your bonfire before lighting it

so if you take these few simple steps

towards helping hedgehogs you may have

some hibernating or even raising their

young in your garden and they will

reward you by keeping your slow

population under control but not only

that but your get should get some really

fantastic nighttime viewings