How To Care For Whites Tree Frogs | Care Guide

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they might pee on you actually they

probably will pee on you regardless hey

guys it's Lou welcome back to my channel

for today's video we are going to be

talking about whites tree frogs again

for some reason all of my frog videos

have been getting the most views lately

and I mean I'm not going to blame you

guys frogs are just 100% the best right

now my most requested video is a white

Street broad care guide honestly I've

been trying to stay away from care

guides or informational videos just

because I feel like I'm not an expert or

anything like that after doing some

research online and on YouTube there's

not too many videos out there about

their care and so I'm going to go ahead

and do one for you guys but I will say

that definitely don't take this video as

your only source of information just

like with any other pet you should be

doing a research not just on YouTube but

on reputable websites talking to

breeders talking to people that own them

and not just look at one source if that

makes sense so I definitely encourage

you to continue watching this video

because I'm going to cover as much as I

can however please go look at other

sources as well so that you can get a

very good base of knowledge before you

purchase a white Street frog but I'm

just going to go ahead and get started

because there's a lot I want to cover

today White's tree frogs go by many

different names the most common being

White's tree frogs or dumpy tree frogs

they come from Australia as well as

Indonesia they also come in a variety of

colors if you want to call it that

there's very pale green ones darker

green ones there's blue ones there's

yellow ones one two blue eyes ones that

don't have blue eyes spots no spots a

large variety is what I'm trying to say

in colors typically they're 3 to 5

inches when they are fully grown

although when you get them as babies

they are much smaller they're also

extremely Hardy which is why they are

typically known as a beginner pet don't

really like to use that term there

often but honestly they are pretty easy

to care for and with good care they can

live up to 10 years but typically it's

more like seven to ten moving on to

housing I would recommend a 20-gallon

for an adult or an 18 by 18 by 24 can

house anywhere from two to four adult

frogs yeah the biggest thing you want to

make sure is that there is enough space

both in width and in height they are

tree frogs but I will be completely

honest with you and say that I have two

who much prefer the floor space than the

height and then my third one

definitely prefers the height which is

why I'm saying you should have enough

floor space but also focus on the height

so that they have enough places to move

around ventilation is pretty important

with them so you want to make sure that

you have some sort of screen top so that

they can get enough air flow in their

enclosure substrate is definitely one of

those topics where it's pretty much up

to you what you want to do some really

good examples of substrate are paper

towel but another option would be

coconut fiber or some sort of substrate

mix that's directed towards whites tree

frogs essentially want to make sure that

your substrate is going to hold enough

humidity for them when it comes to paper

towel as a substrate you're going to

want to change that out very frequently

because they do pee and poop a lot I

changed my now almost every second day

to be completely honest and that might

seem a little extreme but they do pee

and poop a lot and that is one of the

first things you will notice about them

I think also that's important to

remember is to have a thermometer as

well as a hydrometer I Condor hygrometer

is that how you say it I don't know that

doesn't sound right for their housing

you want to make sure that they have

lots of decorations ledges or ashes

anything like that for them to rest on

and hiding spaces are really important

as far as lighting and temperature goes

there's not much that you need for them

they don't require a UVB or heat lamp or

anything like that that is totally up to

you anywhere between 75 to 85 degrees is

a really good temperature for them all

they can tolerate lower my house is

typically between 71 and 73 but they are

next to puffs

laughs so it's a little bit higher in

there I would say anywhere between 73 to

75 which is working out just fine for

them as I have said before they're

extremely Hardy water and humidity is

pretty important for whites tree frogs

you want to make sure that there's a

large enough water bowl with fresh

dechlorinated water every single day for

your frogs when I say large enough I

mean large enough for all of the frogs

to sit in there because you don't want

them to be fighting over that resource

humidity should be around 50% with a

spike to 70% when you are misting I feel

like that's what make them such an easy

pet because the humidity isn't as high

as some other amphibians and honestly I

just missed mine once a day and that's

enough for them just like with your

water dish you want to make sure that

the water you are misting them with is

also dechlorinated I use a rep to save

their diet is again very simple I feel

like that's the common trend amongst

white tree frogs a lot of their care is

fairly simple juveniles should

definitely be eating every single day

and they should be eating appropriately

sized insects and as much as they can

eat in about 10 minutes

where's what adult that's more a few

times a week I feed mine every second

day or third day depending on how much

they ate on the day that they're eating

again appropriately sized insects is

really good for them and you want to

make sure that you are dusting with

calcium with d3 or just every second

time that they are being fed and their

diet can consist of many different

insects I use crickets as the staple

diet but I also add in Gill worms and

super worms when I can

sometimes I'll feed wax worms or butter

worms it's really what I can get my

hands on riot II is definitely a good

idea I mean you wouldn't want to be

eating the same thing every single day

and also you want to make sure that your

insects are gut loaded beforehand that

pretty much just means you are either

feeding them a diet that you can find in

the stores or what I like to use is

veggie scraps so mine eat carrots

peppers anything really left over from

puffs salads is what they like to eat

that pretty much just make sure that

they are getting the nutrition that they

need the last thing I quickly want to

talk about is handling your wipes tree

frogs they are frogs which means that

they essentially breathe through their

skin if that makes sense

they are taking in their surroundings so

if they are on your oily hand they're

going to take in those oils and that is

not good for them make sure that your

hands are extremely clean and free of

everything that includes soap because

you don't want them to take that in that

is not very good for them

so either make sure your hands are super

clean or you can use a powder free glove

to hold them and much like other

amphibians that they don't absolutely

love being handled

you definitely are the most docile out

of all the frogs I've owned you want to

make sure that you're keeping that

handling to a minimum yes you can take

them out and hang out with them but that

is not something you want to be doing

frequently I pretty much only take mine

out for health checks if I'm taking a

picture of them and cleaning their

enclosures weighing them all of that I

don't really like to keep them out for

an extended period of time they don't

like it that much relish is fine wasabi

is fine pesto is new so he really

doesn't like it

or tchen Italy they will tell you when

they are stressed their breathing will

be a little bit heavier they might pee

on you actually they probably will pee

on you regardless that is something you

want to look out for overall to finish

this video I just want to say that they

make really great pets I have a video

about five reasons why they make great


there are many more reasons beyond that

I'm not going to say that they're not

going to these

susceptible to illnesses or anything

like that there's always going to be the

chance that you are going to bring home

the animal with parasites or your frogs

are going to develop some sort of

illness which is unfortunate just make

sure you are constantly checking on

their health I like to do a check in the

morning and in the evening just to make

sure everyone's fine

that goes for all of my pets I really

hope this video answered some of your

questions about their care again don't

look to just this video as your main

source of information but that's it for

today's video so thank you so much for

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