HOW TO SET UP A BETTA BOWL! | are bowls okay for bettas?

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hello guys so I know you can't see me

but I am here yes we'll just go ahead

and get right into it but in my video

today we're going to be setting up this

amazing super large just overall an

awesome habitat for fish this is like

just obviously how office should be kept

they don't need room or anything so

we're just gonna go ahead and set up

this wonderful bull for a betta fish

okay so the first thing I'm going to do

is open up these rocks and put some

locks in the bottom


okay so there we have the bull with the

rocks added now being a fish love hiding

it's good to give them some places to

hide so that they feel safe so I picked

up this little rock here with a hole in

the middle of it it will work as a good

hiding spot so I'm just gonna go ahead

and place this in the bowl there we go

it's a perfect fit along with a hiding

spot it's always a good idea to add some

plants in for your betta fish plants

give them some more hiding spots so

those are really good option as the

betta fish will love to go and hide in

the plants I have this plant here and I

have a moss ball so we're gonna add both

of these okay so here's our moss ball

this is a real live one I'm gonna just

go ahead and stick it right there and

then I'll go and open up this plant and

add this one in

okay there we go so now the fish has

lots and lots of hiding spots as you can

see now I'm just gonna go ahead and put

some water in the bowl okay so betta

fish are tropical finish so that means

they need water temperatures of around

72 to 78 degrees the higher end is

preferred because of that that means

we're going to need to add a heater so I

have this heater here this is actually

the smallest heater I could find in the

pet store so we're just gonna go ahead

and stick this in the tank also there we

go we have the heater added this will

keep our water nice and warm

and in order to keep the fish in nice

and healthy and to keep the water nice

and clean we're going to need a filter

that will give the beneficial bacteria a

place to grow and live and thrive which

will help keep the water clean and the

water movement from the filter will also

keep the water from getting stagnant so

I'm just gonna go ahead and place the

filter in here also

okay there we go so now that we put

everything in the bowl but this dish

needs to be healthy you can see it's an

awesome environment there's lots of

hiding places it has a heater it has a

filter there's some plants so I think

the betta fish will really really enjoy

this tank what just kidding I forgot

that my fish is already completely happy

and healthy in his five gallon tank here

and lucky for him now I have some even

more plants to give him so I'm sure he

will be a very happy fish and he just

wants to eat this snail live just fell

that's nice

so the purpose of this video was to show

that bowls do not make good homes for

betta fish order for the fish to be as

happy and healthy as they can be they

need all of these things that you see in

the bowl here and obviously it's pretty

easy to tell that this probably isn't

gonna work for fish if you're looking

into getting a betta fish I would

recommend getting a minimum of a 5

gallon tank

many people say a 2.5 is the minimum but

I definitely prefer a 5 gallon and it's

really not that much bigger so I would

definitely recommend going with a 5

gallon tank if you're looking at getting

a betta fish hopefully now you guys have

a little bit better of an understanding

of why these bowls are such awful tanks

for a fish they do not provide them with

everything they need to be the happiest

they can be so it does not ideal to keep

them in something like this you're

better off just spending a little extra

money to get something like this for the

well-being of your animal if you're not

willing to spend an extra $20 to give

your animal and proper home then you

probably shouldn't be getting the animal

in the first place hopefully now you

guys have a better understanding of why

those little bulls are such bad tanks or

betta fish with all of that being said

now I hope you guys enjoyed this video

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