HOW TO: Care for Betta Fish

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all right Tom from flooville here today

we're coming at you from flue bowel

headquarters and the subject is Medicare

and Ben is in general we have a really

interesting display of different Bettis

here for you today a variety of we

actually have a Rosedale we have super

Delta tails we have half moons we have

plaque out bettas as well crown tails

whole variety what you're looking at

right here and these tanks in the middle

are a couple of different super Delta

tails and half moons this guy over here

actually is a red dragon half moon for I

pull this up you can see he's gonna see

the other male we keep dividers between

the tanks so that they stay in a bit

more of a relaxed state when they see

the other males obviously they tend to

get really excited to display all the

time so you show you the difference if

you look at this guy flaring up here

that's a half moon you'll see that his

caudal fin is basically straight up and

down from from where it meets the body

so really does look like a half moon

where as a super Delta tail has a

slightly more gradual angle to where the

tail leaves the body you see the males

displaying each other maybe you picked

it up it's it's a subtle difference but

it's definitely there and a

super-talented elta tails definitely

tend to have a larger caudal fin

now these betters represent many many

decades of hard breeding efforts or

productive breeding efforts by a lot of

experienced breeders and bringing these

color varieties these different fin

varieties these are a far cry from the

ancestors that these fish were developed

from Venice are now really super popular

thanks to that and we're keeping them

here in basically 1 gallon tanks which

is an option you have these are marina

Cuba's tanks they come with LED lighting

which is actually you know doesn't

impart a lot of heat into the tank and

it's subtle lighting and that's what you

want for a betta you don't want extra

bright lighting the in fact don't really

appreciate that too much and you'll see

the colors better on a better when it's

a little bit more subtle versus actually

extra bright these fixtures actually

originated in Thailand and Malaysia the

betta splendens

varieties of fish from which you see all

these beautiful varieties these are

bubble nest breeders

they're not a bad choice they breathe

out miss Fira care so they're easy to

take care of but what is important is

that you change water on a regular basis

and a cube like this every two days

three days maximum you should be

changing a water with conditioned water

of the right temperature we've got some

other things that we can show you that

will help look after that will help it

make look a little bit easier for you to

look after your bed is as well so now

we've showed you some of these different

varieties of interesting betta splendens

let's take a look at some of the wild

bettas that we have over here we have

betta channels which you're gonna see

some film footage they actually spawn

for us we set up a natural type

environment right now they're busy

hiding in it ah there's one right up

front right here and we have some

interesting footage of them actually

spawning their mouth brooders those are

imports from Indonesia they like

obviously like all betta is a little bit

more soft acidic water temperatures

around 78 to 80 degrees and they're easy

to feed they can be kept in groups

unlike betta splendens where you have to

separate the males and keep the females

apart as well from the males these guys

you can actually keep a couple pairs in

the tank and a nice set up the reason we

go through this trouble at flu bow or

not trouble but the reason we get into

it to this level is that we want to

understand what wild fish will eat and

how they like to be kept as well it

helps us to develop really products that

take care of any type of situation so we

always like to look at the full story

not just one particular fish this is

betta in ballast which is otherwise

known as the peaceful betta the female

swimming around here in front we

actually keep the male with the female

it's a fairly good sized tank full of

plants and it's an interesting fish

that's a bubble nest breeder unlike the

Indonesian species I just showed you the

better choice these guys are but less

breeders do they come from Thailand

and then moving over here to some of the

other wild fish that we have we have

betta Albu marginata

again you can see keep them in groups an

assortment of Malins males and females

with some natural decor and we have java

moss and there are some almond leaves

peat moss and our filter very easy nice

fish to keep they don't bother each

other at all and if you look at this far

end tank

this is really a spectacular fish this

is betta Makris Noma these guys are

about a little over two and a half

inches long they are a mouth brood or

two they come from their exported us

from Indonesia the male is just off to

the left right now you can see he's

picking up a little bit of color they

get to be almost three to four inches in


you do get them to four inches in length

very aggressive eater and as you can see

absolutely not shy at all this is a

fabulous fish to set up in a 1520 gallon

feature tank such as we've what we've

done here so I can see a little bit of

insight into the betta splendens some of

the variants and some of our basic

setups and some of the wild fish now

that we've covered some of the

introduction we're gonna talk to you

about some of the betta habitats that we

have and how you should keep Bettis will

take care of that in part two hey guys

come at you with part 2 of our betta

care video basically part one you saw

the varieties that we had a little bit

of background on Bettis you saw some

really nice fish now we're going to look

at the habitats and give you a little

bit of background on caring for your

betta the conditions you need to create

now starting off with the habitats we've

got a respect series of tanks here

here's the spec 519 liters our little 10

liter cube right beside it these things

are really cool to come with a built in

filter compartment in the back which

allows you to easily put in a heater

unobtrusive you don't see it and the LED

lighting system that comes to these

tanks is actually capable of taking care

of the needs of lower light level

requiring plants anubias cryptic greens

things like that the plants like that

they all grow real well and tanks like

this then of course we've got the flue

about edge series of tanks which are

another series that are really really

cool when it comes to keeping baddest

here we have the 23 litre version that

we've decked out with some cryptic

greens but a drift fluid some anubius

and there's a really nice bed in there -

a double tail beside it the 46 litre

version you got two different sizes you

can pick from these makes really really

nice displays

now moving on to conditions pH you want

a pH range of approximately 6.4 to

that's the range that you bought you

want to be within a little bit more or

less it's not a big deal harder water

not that important topic for Bettis but

definitely a better thing if you keep

them soft or water so if you got a hard

water try to keep the range somewhere

between two to five dkh that's actually

fairly soft water they'll do better in

general like that temperature range 76

to 80 degrees Fahrenheit a degree more

or two that's not a big deal but you

need that to make sure that the Bettis

metabolism is where it should be and

that the comportment and conditioner are

going to be optimal and when it comes to

conditioning water peat tropical almond

leaves those are the two basic things

that when added to better water are

going to a part of a bit of a stain a

kind of a amber colored stain but

they're gonna produce a lot of natural

acids that are very beneficial to the

betta trust me they will be happier

light level conditions dimmer to medium

type light levels you don't want to go

heavy on that some floating plants are

always a great addition to a betta tank

that helps them build bubble nests and

it's a more natural type of environment

for them as well now when it comes to

water quality misconception that it bet

is really don't don't need clean water

or they can tolerate dirty water that

might be the case I'm a city dweller for

example would I rather be country

breathe country air absolutely I would

the same goes for your betta bettas

really should be kept in a high quality

of water you need to do regular water

changes if you have a small filter on

the tanks actually better if you think

about it their natural environment which

is choked with vegetation is a huge

biomass that filters the water as well

so the water quality is actually fairly

high the oxygen level might be a little

lower because it's warm but the water

quality is actually excellent

so do water changes think water quality

forget about the myth of Venice can

tolerate really dirty water now when it

comes to feeding Bettis variety is good

just like it is for all tropical fish a

small pellet as a daily feed or or

flakes all of our fish both the the

beautiful variants of betta splendens

you saw and the wild fish we have here

really relish our flew out fake flake

food sorbetto macro stoma by the way

we're in gobbling down

our flu eval color enhancing pellets do

really well on that frozen foods things

like black worms frozen black runts

Lausanne black frozen black mosquito

larvae blood worms glass worms brine

shrimp all these things are great treats

for your betta you should do that on a

regular basis give them a variety of

food live foods if you want to go the

extra distance go for it wingless flute

fruit flies white worms Daphne if you

can get it all these things are great

treats for betta for bed as even if

they're given just once in a while it

really really does help and being as

they have small stomachs you want to

have a couple of small feedings a day

two or three times a day but just a bit

of food just so that the belly it's a

little bit rounded out far better tactic

for feeding bettas and a large feeding

when it comes to breeding there's tons

of information out Oh to you I'll just

say it's not hard to do you if you can

look at her Facebook posting that we had

some time ago we actually captured film

over betta China Heights breeding in our

ballon ballast we posted it on Facebook

you check it out and if we can get a

hold of that footage we'll certainly

make it available to you again

inclusion make sure you try and keep

some Bettis a lot of people have join

the rest of us it's really a lot of fun

you can set up a small planted tank

there's so many beautiful varieties and

colors out there it's really