Tips For Taking Care Of Fig Trees

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hey guys welcome to another episode of

plant fanatics today I want to talk to

you guys about why your fig tree isn't

fruiting I've got a lot of people asking

me right now why hasn't my fig tree been

fruiting some people for years so come

over here and follow me and I want to

talk to you guys a little bit about it

so I've actually got seven fig trees

just on our little property which is

under a quarter of an acre and I mean

that's including what the house is on

and so yeah I have seven fig trees and

people are now asking me why aren't my

fig trees fruiting so one thing that you

guys need to know about fig trees is

that you need to heavily prune them

every single year and in a lot of colder

climates I'm in zone 7 a lot of fig

trees will actually die back to the


if you don't winter protect them I do

winter protect them I like to grow a

nice sturdy base for all the new

branches to come off of come off of but

something you guys need to know is figs

will only fruit on the new growth they

don't fruit on the old growth so what

you need to do is in the fall every year

once the tree goes dormant you need to

heavily prune the tree back you can see

here this shape that I've got and I've

got like a multi branched thing going

and this is a Texas everbearing fig but

you want to heavily prune it back and

allow the new growth to come out the

more new growth the better because

that's where all your fruits gonna come

from you're gonna get a new fruit growth

in between each of these leaf nodes so

it's very important that you cut it back

there's not gonna be any figs growing on

this hardwood growth right here so this

hardwood growth just needs to be your

firm foundation for the branches and

then all these new shoots that are

coming off are gonna be what's fruiting

so that's a big thing and then another

thing that you need to ask yourself is

have you been feeding your fruit tree

I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube

where they say oh yeah you don't really

need to fertilize you know fig trees

they're so such hardy trees okay that's


yeah they are Hardy trees but you do

need to feed your fruit trees you need

to feed a whole were your fruit trees

they need to eat just like people and if

you want to have really good fruit on

them if you want to have a heavy crop

then yeah you do need to fertilize your

trees you need to fertilize them when

you fertilize all your other fruit trees

in the spring and then throughout the

summer and I always use a liquid

fertilizer you can use whatever kind of

fertilizer you want you know just a

regular fruit tree fertilizer and put it

on like the directions tell you on the

back but so that's just a few tips for

you guys if your fig trees aren't

fruiting it's probably because you're

not pruning them back and allowing the

new growth to come out because it's not

going to grow on old growth and then

you're probably you're probably not

feeding your fruit tree if you do those

things there's no reason why your fig

tree wouldn't have fruit on it unless

it's just a super young fig tree but

most of the fig trees that people get

aren't they're not seed grown they're

they're just cuttings from other plants

so they should be able to produce figs

very early on even first-year planting

them honestly

but thanks for tuning in if you guys

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thanks for watching