Ferret Care 2018 - How to Care For Pet Ferrets

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Hey guys, it's Em today, I'm going to be doing a video about Ferret Care so stay tuned.

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I'm sure a lot of you

Just got your very first ferret, so I hope this video gives you lots of cool tips on how to keep your ferrets

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here's some very basics for you

A ferret male is called a hob and a ferret female is called a Jill there are also some other

Words such as a sprite for a Jill who is fixed

but I'm just gonna be referring in this video to males as Hobs and

Females as Jill's number one if you're considering a ferret

Or if you already have a ferret is


because you can't have a ferret if you don't have a setup to bring a ferret home to the enclosure that I'm using is

The Ferplast Furet tower, and I bought it from the Ferplast official Amazon outlet

I know that it's not one of the enclosures that you tend to find in retail stores at least

I haven't seen it

so over here in the states if you're looking to have a similar enclosure by Ferplast they do also do the

The XL which is just one of these units rather than two of them together

But yes, so this one is the ferp last faretta

Which you can find on Amazon I will link it down below in an affiliate link so you guys can check it out for yourselves

Another enclosure that I like is the ferret nation enclosure the reason why I didn't choose the ferret knee

Enclosure is because I don't find the sides to be high enough and Dobby and Niffler as we'll come on to later

Do not like to use their litter pan, which means that if they are going to be pulling in a corner

It would literally get stuck on bars whereas this over here. It has a plastic rim along the bottom

which is really nice and a high so if they put against that it's really easy to use wet wipes and

Cleaners to actually remove the poo rather than actually having to scrape it off of bars

Which we had to do with our last enclosure which was a bit of a nightmare

It's also nice when you have an enclosure to use lots of different levels because ferrets will climb they're not the best climbers

especially if you're like Niffler and Niffler is not gifted when it comes to climbing at all but Dobby does like to climb and

She'll actually climb up these bars to go to another level

And that's why they've got lots of hammocks spread throughout their enclosure hammock wise I'm using a couple of hammocks

Which was sent to me by an amazing subscriber whose details, I will put now in the video over the top here

So thank you so much for sending me these I believe she actually has an Etsy store

Which I will also link down in the description box, and she sent me some really cool fleece

Little hideaways and hammocks as well ok let's take a closer look at Dobby and Niffler enclosure

This is the top level

There is a second level down here, which they can access through this tunnel that goes down to the bottom

They also have their food dish over here remember that some ferrets will fight

Luckily for me Dobby and Niffler are very relaxed

And they don't actually fight at all so they're very happy to share

But if you see anyone

Dominating the food or one of your ferrets seems a little bit chunkier than the other then there's a good chance that that one is

Being bullied off their food, so make sure that you have two food bowls if necessary

And I also have this water bottle up here now Dobby and Niffler again

They're very good at sharing this so if you feel that you might need more than just one and definitely put that in water is

Absolutely essential for ferrets remember their diet is extremely high in protein or at least it should be

So that means there's a lot of salt and given that there's a lot of salt means that they're going to be very very thirsty

They must always have a good amount of water in

Their enclosure at all times this should be changed out every single day as well as their food balls being washed out every day

Down here they actually have a litter pan, but I do not use it as a litter pan

Dobby and Niffler will never use a litter pan we have tried the

Rectangular ones we've tried these side ones. They just don't like the feeling of

Going against them, and we've tried all the different corners, so actually the reason that's in the corner

There is to prevent them from putting in that corner because given the fact that there is a litter pan

They will not use it, and I know some people will be angry and saying well

Why don't you take the time to litter train your ferrets to be honest?

I don't actually care, but they're not litter trained to me

I'm happy for them to go wherever they want to go so if they want to use a litter tray

That's fine, if they don't then that's fine because I know that they use this corner down here

Which gets spot cleaned a couple of times a day?

Yes, we will use a wet wipe to clean that as well and then down at the bottom here

There is another section to their enclosure which is for the most part quite bare

You might be wondering why they don't have toys, and the truth is they don't really like toys

They will not play with any toys in their enclosure

They're not like a rat who likes to problem-solve

So they spend the majority of their time in their enclosure either playing with each other or asleep and then down here

This is a bed that I found at I think some kind of discount store with a fleecy throw they love being in there


Oh wait

da bees coming down the slide we

hide off me

They also get a lot of run in this room as well because this is kind of a fair room that I'm in in their

Room in here. They get to run around and hear

It's all ferret proofed, and they really love running around in here

But because it's quite cold at the moment I bring them into the house as well

Like no joke you can actually fit a human inside here two of my files corrupted where I actually explained my choice of beddings

So here I come to you in voiceover form bedding really depends on your personal choice

And what your ferrets enjoy many people choose to use fleece, but I personally prefer carefresh

I find it's hygienic and good at eliminating odors some people say that it's dusty, but I personally haven't found this

Here's a better look at the bedding that they're using this is their care fresh bedding with odor stop

Excellent what do you think Dobby?

Now let's think about actually choosing your ferret (choosing your ferret while shaking Dobby)

when it comes to choosing ferrets obviously you want to choose a ferret

That's good, and healthy when we actually picked up Dobby. She was the runt of the litter

If you do pick a runt

Then it is absolutely likely that they may not live as long as other ferrets but Dobby is really nice and healthy

Thank goodness in fact. She's a bit of a little terror

When you are looking for a ferret then make sure they seem really bright and alert try picking them up you want to see that

They've got really nice body weight. You don't want to feel too many ribs sticking out and you want to have a ferret

That's quite comfortable with being handled Dobby was quite wrigley when we first got her

But through lots of handling and positive reinforcement as you can see she is just the most amazing

lovely ferret also look at their coats depending on the time of year their coats might be quite long or quite short with Dobby because

She lives out here in the porch area which is quite cold

She actually has a nice long coat that she's grown in

Can you see that plush coat whereas if you see her in the summer she looks like a completely different?

Ferret if you plan to keep your ferrets outdoors in a hutch in a shed or in a screened porch

Don't buy your ferrets in the winter a ferret

Which is used to indoor temperatures won't have enough of a winter coat to survive being suddenly placed in cold temperatures

acclimate your ferrets slowly to outdoor temperatures by keeping them outdoors from the springtime all the way through to winter ensure you have an

Extremely secure enclosure to protect your pets from predators

Also, remember to offer more bedding and food in the winter as well as double checking your water in case it freezes

elderly and sick

ferrets will suffer from the cold so bring them indoors and keep them there again until the spring also look for any crust around the

Eyes, and nose if you see any discharge coming from there, then it's probably not a healthy animal

And I would stay away if you're in the United States there are very few people who actually breed ferrets

there are a couple of big breeders who you might already be familiar with and they give you a kind of

Guarantee that their ferret is going to be healthy, but don't take that for granted if something just doesn't feel right about the place

You're getting your ferrets then just don't buy the ferret if you can then try and adopt where possible because you'd be amazed at how

Many people actually give up their ferrets also pick up that ferrets and take a deep whiff

Because ferrets do have a body smell now the body smell is sort of

Musty and dusty and the way that a dog or a cat has a smell ferrets also

Have a smell and you can't get rid of that smell if you rub a ferret on your clothes your clothes will smell like

Ferret the worst thing you can do is bath your ferret because ferrets have very itchy skin

And if you bath your ferret too frequently you're going to really irritate that skin if the ferret that you pick up does smell absolutely

Horrendous in a very pungent way and not in just a delicate

musty way then that could be an indication that their diet is poor or that they have some kind of

Underlying health issue a lot of people

Do have that stigma that ferrets do smell and to minimize that smell because you will never eradicate it completely just

Keep their enclosure clean spa clean it every day because it really is their feces and their urine which smells bad the actual body smell

Of a ferret once you're used to it doesn't smell bad at all. Are you in my hood?

Dobby's in my hood also when you bring home a ferret realize that you give up rights to absolutely everything because everything you own

becomes your ferrets

Danny I just like to take a couple of minutes to talk about common

Ailments by far the most common sickness you're gonna come by is chronic diarrhea. Yes

I'm sorry to talk about the poo, but it happens ferrets have a very sensitive digestive system and the smallest

changes in their diet can really upset that so if you see that your ferret has very loose stools or

diarrhea like watery diarrhea the first thing you're going to want to do is check the

Dehydration, so just get the scruff of your ferrets lift up a little bit

and then let go

That's scruff once you let go

Should go back into the skin really quickly if it stays up like a little mountain

And it takes a long time to go back into place then your ferret is very

Dehydrated as standard your ferret should have a lot of water

Anyway, because their diet is very high in salt and they can dehydrate quite quickly

But if your ferret is dehydrated first of all make sure they have access to a lot of water

And if they are severely dehydrated

Do take them straight to the vet diarrhea and loose stools isn't always a fatal thing it happens quite regularly

and it can be something as simple as

Licking something on the floor that shouldn't be there and then they get chronic diarrhea it happens. I speak from experience

The next disease is also very common and sadly ferrets are very affected by this disease. It's called adrenal disease in very basic terms

Adrenal disease is an overproduction of a hormone and that leads to cancer tumors except signs of adrenal are being very very

Thirsty more so than usual like an unquenchable thirst and also they will lose body conditions

So a once happy healthy chunky ferret might eventually slim down to being you know skin and bones and also patchiness

fur patchiness and coats not coming in as well as they should

depending on where you live you may have the option to buy a

Descented ferret or a ferret that is spayed or neutered

Here in the United States typically most ferrets which are sold unless you are a breeder are sold already either

Descented and desexed or at least desexed if you live in the u.s.

Also do some research on the state you live in a lot of ferrets are deemed

exotic pets and therefore require a

permit here in New Jersey you do require a

Permit so if you go to buy a ferret from a pet store or adopt from a shelter

They should hook you up with a permit

But make sure that you're on top of your permits because you can get in a lot of trouble if you're not up to date

With your permits. I believe it's also a legal requirement if you're actually selling ferrets to sell them

Desexed which means that they are not able to reproduce

This is in theory to keep the population of unwanted ferrets down of course if you're in the United Kingdom or in Europe in general

Then you will have the option to buy an intact ferret

Just remember if you do buy or adopt a ferret which does have everything intact it's not desex

They can have the ability to reproduce jill's if you're buying them intact so they haven't been desexed

Just remember that if they come into season

Which they will at some point if they are intact they require to be brought out of season if you keep your ferret Jill in

Season she can die a lot of people actually keep vasectomized hobs around this means that they're not

Castrated they actually have the ability still to mate with a female

They have that drive and desire to mate with a female

But it means that in most cases there a female will not be able to have a litter from a vasectomized

Hob if you have a female that has come into season in the UK we have something called a Jill jab

Which is what they give to ferrets to bring them out of season if you're not sure whether or not your ferret is in season

Go straight to the vet

Because they may be able to advise you on what to do on the subject of males and female I've found that females tend to

Be a little bit more on-the-go and a little bit more

Energetic and males tend to take it a little bit more easy and laid-back if you're planning on taking your ferrets outside

It's a good thing to remember that they can catch distemper

So if you're planning on taking them outdoors make sure that you go for your courses of jabs to make sure they can't catch distemper

These will have to be updated

every single year so make sure that you go for your boosters to make sure they can still go outside and not catch distemper if

You are gonna take your ferrets outside

Which is a great thing to do when the weather is nice and warm just look out for predators

Because here where we are in, New Jersey

We have a lot of birds of prey and if I took Dobby and Niffler outside I can be certain that there's gonna be

At least one bird of prey nearby who can spot them with their beady eye

So do keep an eye on your ferret and also remember that not everybody who is going to be in the park

Potentially wants to see a ferret, or is going to be friendly about them

So I think it's best just to keep them somewhere nice and private like your own backyard

But also just make sure that you always keep them under supervision

Don't let them go roaming for ten minutes

And then go and find them because they could get lost and they don't have a homing

instinct now onto the subject of diet

And this is something which a lot of people are

Unanimously agreed on and that is that raw food is absolutely the best thing for your ferrets

And I completely stand by that my old ferret then was probably the healthiest ferret

I've ever seen he was actually raised to be a hunter so he was a hunting ferret

Initially and before he got lazy, and then was rehomed to me

But his job was to hunt rabbit for people to consume

So if you don't live in an area with a butcher who can provide you with rabbit or pheasant or quail

Then I would suggest raw food diets from Wysong Wysong. It's probably the only

Manufactured ferret food that I've found that I actually

Enjoyed giving my ferrets because it's actually got a very high percentage of protein

so if I haven't got any raw foods in the house all my ferrets won't take which is an issue with these two because they're

Still being converted onto raw food so as a staple diet what Dobby and Niffler

I have is this it's the ferret Epogen 19th from Wysong and it's got a really high percentage of protein

And it's starch free as well, so I'm very happy with this and as you can see my ferret coats have come in

Beautifully, and this is what I'm helping to assist them on going on to a raw food diet

This is a rabbit formula, but why some also have quail chicken, and I think turkey

I'm not entirely sure I'll have to go back over that but they've got lots of different raw food diets

Which already come prepackaged and they're freeze-dried, so it kind of locks in all the goodness

And you can basically just add warm water

Let it sit for 15 minutes, and it's a nice gravy that you can pour onto your ferrets food

So this is the rabbit formula for ferrets?

and I'm really excited to come onto this one because eventually I would like to move Dobby and Niffler over almost exclusively to

Pheasant quail and rabbit, I know that some people will say well

I'm really interested in giving my obligate carnivore a meat diet but

can't i just use chicken

Not exactly because chicken doesn't have that many vitamins for ferrets and especially

Chicken breast if you fed a ferret nothing, but chicken breast they would get very very sick

There's little to no nutrients in chicken breasts for a lot of ferrets so make sure that you're alternating those meats

and if your ferret won't take then just introduce it very very slowly, maybe starting off with like some chicken thighs and

Also being very careful to remove any small bones because obviously these camp bleed their gums my ferrets are doing really well on the regular

Wysong Epogen 90 dry food I'm super high in protein and just already looking at this new

Diet which is basically a freeze-dried raw diet

It's already looking really good crude protein minimum 44 percent

Um typically speaking if you're going to be feeding a dry food the minimum requirement for protein is at least

36% so I'm very happy a 44 percent crude fat 36 percent crude fiber not 0.5. That's excellent moisturizing

At chicken chicken organs ground chicken bone natural flavor taurine taurine is fantastic

And can you see just there that it has taurine ferrets can't produce their own taurine?

So it's great that why some foods already have taurine in the foods if you are not on a food at the moment

Which has added taurines something else that you can add to their diet to boost their taurine. It's like a vitamin ferret pace

Let me get you one to see right now

This is one example of ferret vitamin paste is actually the marshall one

But my ferrets don't like this one and the way that it looks on the inside is it's a bit sort of like gooey

My ferrets have enjoyed another

Ferret paste in the past which was when I bought in the UK

I'll insert the picture of it somewhere so you guys can see but yes

This one they do not like it's a bit too gelatinous for them

So the one that I used before was more multi and that had added taurine, but yes

If your ferrets will take some kind of vitamin paste with added taurine, then that's always a bonus all righty. Let's look inside

This is what the diet looks like on the inside remember. It is freeze-dried. We do have to rehydrate this food

So this is not what it should look like going into your ferrets food

You don't just take this food and put it and you actually have to add

I believe it's a fifth cup of water to the diet, so let me mix them up

and then we're gonna mix it in with Dobby and Niffler regular diet and this should slowly switch them over to a

Raw diet eventually my goal is to have them on a completely raw diet, but this is a good first step. All right

I've added just a little bit in there because this is their first time eating the raw food diet mix from my song

So I'm going to chop this up. Oh look. We can see it like some blood or some organ in there. That's good

I know then that that means that it's actually coming from a real animal

And you know for anyone who does get upset by this just remember that ferrets are obligate carnivores

You can't put them on any kind of plant-based diet because they will literally die and that's not an exaggeration

It's not me saying that they just prefer meats. They absolutely require meat in their diet, so this is a good first step

Towards getting Dobby and Niffler used to actually having a bit more meat in their diet

I do have to let this sit for about 15 minutes before it's ready to go into their regular food

And also don't want to serve it cold either, but I'm not gonna do the chunks too large

I'm gonna actually break it down a little bit more just so the very first time they can get used to having the flavor

Mixing in with their regular food rather than encountering a new texture, which they might not like this mixture

Here is how the food looks after I've let the water sit with it for a little while

But I have been mashing it up as well with this diet what you're actually supposed to do is pour some out and actually allow

The water to soak in so you get larger meaty chunks small and meaty chunks

But given that this is Dobby and Niffler very first time with this food

I'm gonna be giving it to them as more of a runny pace

So they can get used to the flavor

And then as time goes on I can gradually build up to giving them the big chunks as well all right

So that's been done as you can see it's kind of sunk to the bottom of their bowl

But that's not an issue Dobby

And Niffler will make their way through this and they'll get it sort of taste for the flavor

And then as the days go on I will be adding

More of the meat to their diets you want some new food are we always so confused looking

Niffler is just the sweetest baby boy, but he's not the smartest here

Let me give him his new food tray of food sausage

Thank you so much to everyone at Wysong who sent Dobby and Niffler lots of different diets to try will be trying each and every

one of these in turn and we will be vlogging the process so in summary ferrets can make an

Amazing pet for the right family just make sure you do your research

And if you're interested try considering two or more ferrets as well

because they're always going to be more fun and a lot happier if they're kept in pairs or more take your time in choosing the

Right ferrets for you because they all have their own distinct personality


And don't be afraid to ask questions

So if you have a question pop it in the comment section below and either myself or someone else

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You can definitely check out different places online such as on Facebook type ferret groups into

Facebook and see which one's returned and see if you can become part of a ferret group where you can ask questions at your leisure

And have lots of knowledgeable people get back to you as well if you think that I might have actually missed out any points then

Please feel free to add them below

It's quite impossible to fit everything in one video, so please help each other out down in the comment section below

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What don't let ferrets near your nose they might nip your nose

Just so you know, thank you guys so much for watching this video

I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you in another video very very soon. Bye

(its my sock!)