FEMALE DOG IN HEAT | TIPS 101 | What to do | Herky the Cavalier

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hi everyone welcome back to her akela

Caviar's channel I think today with her

ki and Milton to talk to you about

female dogs and third heat now this is

the perfect timing to talk to you about

this because as you can see nelson is

wearing a little diaper or pennies

however you want to call it and she's

currently going through her first heat

and this happened last weekend which

means just two weeks before her first

birthday the first heat of a female can

happen anywhere between 6 months of age

and about 1 some websites and some

doctors and some vets will tell you that

they can happen all the way up to the

second year Kirti got hers at about 7

months of age and I was waiting for

Milton to get hers about the same time

but they only happened now close to 1

year of age how you're going to know

that your dog isn't he

and obviously the blood spotting that

you're gonna see all the floors how I

noticed with Milton is that I noticed

someone on her rear legs and that's

where I knew that she was going through

her heat you can also see that I don't

know if you look there pretty often but

the vulva of your dog is going to be

much larger because the cells in that

area are enlarged so what you want to do

actually when they're going through

their first heat is first and foremost

get them a little cat or panting like

this let me show you this is actually a

dog hygienic underwear if you want to

call it that there's a hole for the leg

and it actually goes all the way around

her waist and in it you can actually put

normal panty liners for women can I

change it about three times a day

depending on the flow and as you can see

she always wants to lay herself some

dogs are more prone to cleaning

themselves and naturally I know of some

dogs that what they were going through

her seat they just wouldn't lick from

sell them and clean them so it would get

a lot Messier I do give her some breaks

during the day I don't keep it on all

the time especially when I'm home and

I'm supervising her and I would take it

away but it's kind of

difficult because we have white couches

and kind of white carpets so I don't

want her spotting all over her furniture

also what to look for is change in

behavior and how you can help your dog

get through their first heat herkie and

Milton who were both the same in this

regard and that they lost their appetite

herkie when she had her first heat at

seven months she was spill on puppy food

and she just refused to eat that food

for her it was over so that's what we

switched her over to adults we asked her

Milton she was already on an adult food

formula and she's having a lot more

difficult time eating now she really

lost her appetite so I'm adding a bit of

chicken or salmon to her food and that

makes it more attractive to her

otherwise I have to hand it through each

pebble which makes it a bit annoying

other than that it's gonna depend on

your dog also what some dogs will be

very lethargic they're gonna require

more affection I know Milton is always

wanting to cuddle a lot more her

behavior is kind of odd because female

dogs but they're in heat not only did

they become more attractive to males but

they will have breeding on their mind

also that's why her behavior changed

quite a bit and she's really in need of

more affection show as wants to cuddle

and sleep with us much more than just a

week ago so we really tried to give her

more attention and more time

she's even sometimes gonna she doesn't

come home we call her as often anymore

she just lays in her corner and she's

gonna sometimes lay there and just cry

for us to come to her we just tried to

give her all the attention that we can

and also it's very important to exercise

your dog a bit more if your dog is kind

of super energetic and kind of erratic

in their behavior which was her case she

was kind of feeling uncomfortable so we

took her to the park for a good run and

multi yesterday and I think it did her

really well after the park yesterday we

came home and she just slept the whole

night through

other than that on youth the first even

or your doggy should determine whether

or not you want to spay your dog or not

you know it's not clear when people

should do regarding Spain if you should

do it at around six months or after the

first heat

I personally spay her key after her

first heat and for Milton we are still

considering whether or not we want to

breed her so we are not certain what to

do yet of course if you want to read

your dog you should go to the

to get a test to see what is the optimal

time to breed them and obviously the

first heat is way too young to read your

dog for the first time heats for female

dogs lasts around three weeks of time

and happen twice a year so you should

know that if it happens now this is July

probably the Mexica shall have they'll

around December or January so that's all

the information I can give you for today

I hope it was helpful for you if you

have any questions please leave them

down below and we'll do our best to

answer your questions thank you so much

for watching we love you very much and

we'll see you soon