10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Hedgehog

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hey guys so today oh sorry Draco hi yes

I know sorry I'm loud so today we're

gonna be discussing 10 things that you

should know before buying a hedgehog and

these are things that not only should

you know but you should consider them

because they can be deal-breakers for

some people so for today's intro I'm

joined by Draco who is not super

thrilled about being woken up to film in

bright lights and loud noises but uh

he's alright oh yeah

duck and cover I'm also joined by bear

and Felix who are behind and next to me

so uh should be interesting Knox is even

in the room it's just one big party

we'll see how this goes so the first

thing you need to consider before buying

a hedgehog and really any animal is

their lifespan hedgehogs live four to

seven years which means that you could

buy them in one life situation and they

would pass away in another this

particularly pertains to teenagers who I

find or who contact me the most about

getting hedgehogs and this is because if

you're going to college your college may

not allow you to bring your hedgehog if

you are moving states that might be

problematic with a hedgehog because

hedgehogs aren't legal everywhere this

also could be problematic because you

might be moving out of your parents

house you might have new bills that make

paying for a hedgehog difficult so their

lifespan is definitely a huge

consideration it's not like they live

one to two years like a hamster or

something it is four to seven years and

seven years is a long time the next

major consideration you need to think

about is the fact that they are exotic

animals and that means that they require

exotic vets and I can tell you firsthand

that exotic vets have exotic prices they

can be quite expensive to take in to the

vet they can be quite expensive to get

treatment for they even their checkups

are pretty

if it costs me $60 just to get one of

these guys seen by a vet so that is a

huge consideration particularly again if

you're young that is something that you

or your parent will have to pay for and

the hedgehogs are prone to illnesses

generally it depends on where you buy

them from and whatnot but generally

they're pretty prone to illnesses which

means eventually you will have to tap

into your vet fund most likely so that's

a huge consideration next involves these

guys right here these quills and Drake

was pretty calm right now well he's

irritated that I'm holding him in front

of a camera like this instead of close

to my body where he can get into my hair

where he's not supposed to be but these

quills when they're upset can be pretty

uncomfortable they can also cause things

called hedgy hives when the quills get

dirty they can cause you to break out in

little hives I have a whole video on

that and I show an example of it in that

video as well but these can be quite

uncomfortable and unfortunately they can

be pretty intimidating for people um my

cat is playing with my necklaces a lot

of people end up buying hedgehogs

without ever holding one and they're

quite surprised by how uncomfortable the

quills can be and these are their main

defect defense mechanism which means

there's no way that you're gonna be able

to avoid them if you use gloves while

handling them it's just gonna make it

worse they'll never get used to you um

so getting a Hedgehog is committing to

handling these another thing you have to

commit to when getting a Hedgehog is

keeping them warm

hedgehogs require some sort of heat set

up to keep them between 72 and 80

degrees this means that both you and

your parents if you're a child have to

be okay with having a heat set up in

your home I get a lot of comments from

people who are like my parents really

don't want a space heater or a heat lamp

they're afraid it's a fire hazard

and unfortunately that probably means

that you can't get a Hedgehog because

they really need

Heating it's a 100% requirement for them

another thing you need to think about is

that hedgehogs are solitary animals this

means that not only can you not get two

hedgehogs and house them together it

also means that a lot of the time they

don't strive to hang out with you and on

that subject another thing to think

about is that they're decently

antisocial sometimes you'll get very

very social hedgehogs but a lot of the

time you'll find that hedgehogs are

pretty indifferent about spending time

with you I've gotten pretty lucky with

Draco he has some pretty good days where

he just wants to hang out and then he

has some days like today where uh sorry

where he would rather run around or

sleep these aren't the most social

animals it's not like owning a dog they

need socialization every single day in

order for them to just sort of hang out

with you because naturally they're not

really designed to do that so now that

you can see his belly you might also see

what my next point is and that is that

they're messy hedgehogs naturally poop

and pee when they run and because they

run in wheels that means that they also

run in that poop in pee and that means

that they get poop on their feet which

if he opens up some more you'll be able

to see they also get pee on their

stomachs a lot hedgehogs also tend to

masturbate which means that they get

semen on them while the male's do the

females masturbate as well but they're

10 they tend to be cleaner but Draco

right now has pee and poop and semen on

him because he's messy and he's a

hedgehog and he needs a bath and this is

just the normal state of a lot of them

hi yes are you done sitting like that

okay another huge thing to think about

is the fact that they are nocturnal

which means that hedgehogs are most

active in the evening

and this can be problematic especially

if you have a noisy wheel they might

keep you up at night you'll hear them

eating and running around it also can be

problematic if you have a particularly

stubborn Hedgehog who doesn't enjoy

being awake during the day their most

social time is during the evening this

means that if your main time to bond

with your Hedgehog is in the middle of

the day you might end up having a little

bit more trouble than someone who has

time to do it in the evening another

thing you should think about is that

hedgehogs really should have live

insects now some of them won't eat them

and that's ok as long as they're eating

their staple kibble but one of the most

natural things for them to eat is live

insects not dried dried can cause

constipation they can have them but it's

not the same it's never going to be the

same as feeding them live their bodies

are designed to digest chitin which is

the exoskeleton of a insect and they

thrive off of it now a lot of people get

hedgehogs thinking that they can avoid

this and it's true technically you can

but if you can offer them something that

is super natural and healthy to them

it's really something that you should

consider doing we got one more can you

hang out for one more one more fact so

the last thing is that hedgehogs need

pretty large cages not the biggest cage

they're not guinea pigs but they do need

4 square feet which can be pretty big

and you also have to be able to heat

that 4 square feet you can give them

larger and if you give them larger you

have to fill the space with more things

hedgehogs don't like big open spaces but

they do require big spaces for square

feet isn't huge but it is bigger than

than some animals and so if you don't

have a lot of space or you have very

limited space that can be problematic hi

alright we're done we're done you can

run around so yeah I'm gonna let him run

around cuz clearly that's what he wants

to do thank you guys so much for

watching and we will see you in our next

video which

I think Draco's gonna be into yeah do

you think you can handle another video

today probably not no we'll see but

where you going into the hair into the

hair alright well we'll see you guys in

my next video bye