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hi I'm Martina from that soffit

cirencester in this video we are looking

at kennel cough in dogs

what is kennel cough how can you tell if

your dog has it and what should you do

if you suspect kennel cough how can you

prevent it in the first place


kennel cough is an infectious disease it

is the respiratory infection that can be

caused by a number of different bacteria

and viruses this infection causes a

nasty cough in your dog and can make

them unwell for several weeks kennel

cough is very contagious too it spreads

quickly it is easy to pick up and toys

food bowls or just being around an

infected dog in the most serious cases

complications such as pneumonia can

arise so although it's not usually

serious kennel cough should always be


look out for your dog making a forceful

hacking cough this may also sound like

retching as if your dog is trying to

clear something stuck in his throat

if the coughing persists this could well

be chemical which can last for several

weeks kennel cough can go away on its

own if your dog's immune system is able

to fight off the condition but during

this time your dog can still pose an

infection risk to others and the longer

the cough persists the bigger the risk

of more serious complications so at the

first signs of coughing it's best to get

your dog checked out by your vet

unfortunately having kennel cough once

does not make a dog immune in the future

this means you always need to be on the

lookout for it

if you suspect kennel cough your debt

will be able to diagnose it and can give

your dog prescription medication to help

them recover you can minimize the chance

of your dog catching kennel cough in the

first place by having them vaccinated

this vaccination is given by a squirt up

the nose not a job vaccination can never

completely prevent kennel cough but if

your dog does pick up the bug despite

being vaccinated the signs are usually

much milder than they would otherwise be

and recovery time is shorter it is

important to note that the yearly

booster injection does not protect

against kennel cough so you will need to

make sure to get this nasal vaccination

for your dog as well as their standard

annual vaccinations they can be done at

the same time so you don't have to make

an extra trip and remember if you ever

need more help or support just come and

see us at your local vets for pets


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