How to raise a puppy if you work a Full-Time Job? (Ninja Dog Care Tips and Tricks)

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puppies have different needs depending

on their age

after those intense first few weeks

things ease off

a combination of planning friends and

paid help will certainly be a great

support for you

and the good news is put the effort in

early on and you'll have a settled adult

dog who copes just fine while you're at


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leaving a puppy home alone

in practical terms leaving a puppy home

alone while at work

means you'll need to give the pup

comfort breaks at the appropriate times

excluding comfort breaks means risking

the puppy getting confused

about potty training therefore leading

to an untrained dog

thus leaving a puppy alone for eight

hours isn't great for any four legger

regardless of age

while it's technically possible for a

young adult dog to hold on this long

a puppy needs frequent toilet breaks

plus the stimulation of company

this raises the question what to do

about the dog while at work

the answer is to get help remember this

stage isn't forever and these demanding

times do

pass raising a puppy while working

getting help

let's say your bundle of fun is eight

weeks old

they need toilet breaks at least every

three hours for more options see the

toilet training section

somehow they need walks outside for

potty training and a game to amuse them

keeping your puppy happy people have

strong opinions about whether raising a

puppy while working full-time is fair to

the dog

their main objection is that puppies

need companionship and plenty of play

of course it fills you with sadness to

think your pup might miss out

so what to do with a dog while at work

rule number one is to leave the puppy

pleasantly tired

this means plenty of play before heading

out to work

leave a puppy tired and they'll snooze

through their first comfort break

rule number two is to give the puppy

plenty to occupy him her

in between visits as well as the friend

playing with the puppy

have a variety of toys and games pre

prepared for them to pop in with your

pup when they leave

great tricks to try use puzzle feeders

have the sitter leave the pups next meal

in a puzzle feeder

such as a kong that way your pup takes

time to eat

doesn't notice the sitter has left and

settles down for a snooze

freeze the puzzle feeder in warm weather

freeze the food-filled kong it will take

the puppy hours to lick out their meal

this provides great mental stimulation

to prevent boredom setting in

safe chew toys make sure the toy is

sturdy enough to be left with a teething


smear the toy with peanut butter to make

it extra tasty

the cardboard box trick seal a treat

inside a cardboard box

let the puppy chew through to the treat

rolled up newspaper

put a few pieces of kibble or a treat

inside a rolled up newspaper

add tape around it to stop the treats

from falling out and offer it as a chew


what not to do you're going to miss your

fuzz ball like crazy

so when you leave you make a big fuss

give lots of cuddles

bury your face in their fur and

apologize for going

heck you may even shed a tear or two but

what message does this send to the pup

puppies quickly pick up that you don't

want to go

and the next thing that pops into a

puppy's mind is that their pet parent

going is a bad thing

they cry you sue their crying hence

rewarding their anxiety

this is a pattern of action and reward

which ends with the dog always acting up

when you leave

what to do even though your heart is


don't make a big thing of parting in


sneak out play with the pup ahead of


then settle them down with a chew stick

when your pups otherwise distracted

quietly go no big goodbye

just slide out the door and then monitor

via petcube to see how well they have


also shake up your leaving routine

change the order in which you put on

your coat and pick up the car keys

go out through different doors when

there are no clear clues you're about to


the puppy worries less do you want to

have a well-behaved

obedient and calm pet dog without

spending hours in training him

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