How To Take Care of a Beanie Boo (according to Wikihow)

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so i was sitting there bored

staring at the wall with my 10 inch bean

bag plush toy

wondering how to take care of it and how

to have fun with it

when suddenly i came across a wikihow


the most reliable source of information


called how to take care of and have fun

with your beanie boo

wow it has 39 000 views

must work


hey guys it's hasa and welcome back to


spicy video in today's video we are

going to be following a wikihow tutorial

about beanie

boos and if you don't know what wikihow

is it's

a website that has like loads of

tutorials about literally

everything but it's interesting to say

the least

so people like making fun of them on

youtube and on tick tock and that's what

we will be doing today

let's look at the first step shall we

the article is

how to take care of and have fun with a

beanie boo

the description says if you have any of

these cute little beanie boos and don't

know how to take

care of or have fun with them check out


article i will do that step 1

getting the beanie boo check your beanie

boo's heart tag

read its birthday name and story if you

don't like the name

you can rename it but before we do this

i just want to point out

the tag on this imaginary beanie boo

that wikihow made up

its name is scoppy what is that

and it says i'm the smartest

in the planet so imaginations

comes literally that was poetic

i loved that poem this is pugsley but

he doesn't have a tag so i will just be

making up his

birthday in poem his birthday will be

september 32nd his new name

is going to be kevin lee

and his poem is i am dog

the second step is choose a personality

for your beanie boo

you could make it funny shy

active or bossy or a mixture of these


i'm gonna make him stupid actually

i am a harvard graduate i am

very intelligent shut up so the third


is buy it a friend no one wants to be


so buy a friend for it it does not have

to be a beanie boo

it can be any toy it said it can be any


so pugsley's new best friend

is this fine girl over here

they are now besties her name is


why don't they give each other a hug

now we're on to part two of the tutorial

setting up a house for the beanie boo

step one is to provide your beanie boo

with a sleeping space

decide whether you want it to sleep with

you in your bed

or if you want to make a bed for it make

it a bed you can use a small box and put

blankets and a pillow in it

or if you want you can make it sleep

with you in your bed

no this is your new home

here's a pillow so here we have an

interesting picture of a beanie boo lamb

being fed a kiwi

and it says part three of four caring

for the beanie boo

one feed the beanie boo you can make

little food out of clay or buy fake food

for it

you can also feed it real food but that

can get a bit messy

wait a second this whole time was i

supposed to be

feeding my beanie boos i have never fed

any of them have i been starving them

this whole time

oh my goodness we have to go down to the


eat eat eat

eat eat eat eat

eat eat oh my gosh

why aren't you eating you know there are

beanie boos out there starving

no actually all of my beanie boos are


and then you won't eat you ungrateful

little beanie boo

it says give the beanie boo a bath make

it a pretend

bath if there is a marker stain on the

beanie boo

use a slightly damp washcloth then

dampen the beanie blue very slightly

as you wipe away the stain fit oh

come on fit

okay there we go

wow i am just having

so much fun

yippee step three make the beanie boo


make friendship bracelets using a

rainbow loom is an easy way to do this

oh yes kevin slee the pug





beauty is it just me

or does kevinsley look fabulous

now we're on part four doing things


the first step is show it the outside


take your beanie boo to the park mall


anywhere even on vacation they like to

have fun too

however make sure that you keep your

eyes on them at all times

if you lose them you may never see them


we're in quarantine right now so there

isn't very many things i can take

kevinsley to um so we'll just settle for

stuff we can do in the house

yay step two

is have parties have parties like

birthday parties

if you forget a birthday look at the tag

if you lose the tag

make up a birthday that's what i did

such as the day you got your beanie boo

if you want to use its real birthday go

to this site and search up the tag name

of your beanie boo

we don't have time for that september


doesn't really exist so i'm not sure if

we really

can have a party for pugsley so sad

sorry i meant kevinsley not pogsley


step three is bring it to sleepovers

your friends might have another beanie


to play with okay so let's call my

lovely best friend

i hope she has a beanie boo so that lee

can have a sleepover


what do you want hey so

i was wondering if you had any beanie

boos so that

my beanie boos and your beanie boos

could maybe have a sleepover

no stop calling me i thought i blocked


i've been broke so many times she hung

up on me

so the last step is to have fun with

your beanie boo the main thing is to

have a huge amount of fun and creative


and in the picture there's this lamb and

she's listening to music

so let's see if kevins lee wants to do

that with me

the airpods are now in his ears i'm

gonna put on some nice music for little



are you enjoying your music kevinsley

and then there's some tips why is there

even an article about this i'm so


like who took the time to write this and

illustrate this

why to let the beanie will play outside

the beanie boo

has to be supervised by its owner if you

want to take your beanie boo to school

keep it in your bag so it's safe

try not to ruin them as much by getting

them dirty

wash and groom your baby normally but

not too much it can ruin the beanie boos


when you are not playing with your

beanie boo put it somewhere safe with a

few friends

you want to feed the beanie boo make

sure to use fake food or it will stain

i think i already failed at that be

gentle with your beanie boo and protect

its eye from banging against things

use shoe bins to store them whenever at

home this will help preserve their tag

and keep other things like bugs from

getting to them

so yeah guys we have completed the

wikihow tutorial

on how to take care of and have fun with

a beanie boo

i think we did a pretty good job don't

you think so kevins lee

she thinks so so i hope you guys enjoyed

watching me

torture this poor victim beanie boo

right here um i'll see you guys in the

next video please comment like and


and bye