How To Manage Having A Dog With A Busy Schedule

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hey guys and

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if you just it's okay just relax just


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okay okay okay look it's okay

so biscuit was not really feeling the

camera today but so as you guys can see

from the title of this video i am going

to be talking about how i maintain

my busy schedule and still i'm able to


keeping a dog alive if you guys are new

to the channel

welcome my name is alexis nicole and i

am a pediatric er

night shift nurse so yes i'm a full-time

er night shift nurse

and i also maintain a youtube channel on

the side

so needless to say i have a very busy

schedule so i have a little bit of

experience of what it's like

maintaining or having a dog and still

being able to sustain my lifestyle

so i've had my dog biscuit for about

almost a year and a half now

i he's a rescue i rescued him from a

shelter my little baby she's

so cute um but i've had him for a little

while now and so we

have gotten or we've had a lot of time

to kind of get into routine

and we are very much in sync now it took

a little while but i have a very very

solid routine with biscuit and that's

able to

allow me to live my life but also take

care of him appropriately

so one of my biggest tips that i have

for you guys is to maintain a schedule

so i leave for work at about six

ish pm and so before that

i like to kind of prep biscuit for my

13 or so hours that i'll be gone

and so right now we have a very solid

routine so he already knows as soon as

he puts

he sees me putting on the scrubs he's

like all right mom's leaving so i very

very recently

started leaving biscuit out of his cage

but prior to that when i didn't trust

him as much

i have a little bed in his cage and

another thing i have a pretty decent

sized cage for him so he has enough

space to like get up

turn around and get go to the other side

if you please so it's not like he's very


but what i would do is first i would let

him pee and poop

we would go in the cage he has a little

tiny bed in the cage

i put his water bowl and his

food bowl in there i do put very little

water especially when he was younger

because i don't want him to pee in the

cage but i also don't want him to die of


so i do put a little bit of water in him

from there i'm in there and i also put

his food bowl because he's

a trickle eater and so he'll eat a

little bit at a time and

i don't want him to have to like you

know only get two bites of food i'm like

all right get in the cage

my camera decided to die right in the

middle of this so i forgot where i

left off but i think i was talking about

biscuit trickle eating so i put his

water bowl and food in there and i give


a few snacks or treats so that's

something for him to look forward to

and what i've been doing now um now that

i'm leaving him out of the cage

just something to keep him occupied and

just something to look forward to

i don't want him to see me getting ready

to go for work and you know start doing

those puppy dog faces

it's more like oh mom's getting ready

for work

i know i'm going to get a snack soon or

i'm going to get a treat that's sound

like i'm talking about

a kid but obviously i don't have any

kids yet and so biscuit is like my kid

so excuse the way i'm talking oh now you

want to be on camera

um i sound crazy when i talk about him

but whatever leave me alone that's my

little buddy

so what i've been doing

is i will get um some of the snacks that

comes in his bark box i keep calling

them snacks or treats

i will get some of the treats that come

in his um bark box

and i'll try to like cut them up as

small as i can and i will

literally like sprinkle them around the


i will take little pieces and i'll kind

of like hide them around the house just

so it's like

a little hunting game for him because of

the history of dogs and where they come

from they are natural hunters

and so i feel like it just makes it more

fun for him and something to do while

i'm gone

it'll i don't know how long it takes him

to find all the treats i hide but

it's just something to kind of keep him


so another tip i will give you guys if

you don't live in a house

or if you have a apartment with a


i highly highly highly recommend getting

and training your dog to pee on a little

grass pad

so i got um two fake grass pads from

amazon they're like 25 a piece life

saver it is such a hassle sometimes

especially if you move an apartment to

go all the way downstairs

walk your deck dog come back up and have

to do that like three to four times a


it takes a lot of time and especially if

you're somebody that has a busy schedule

it's hard to do that on all the time a

lot of times you start feeling

overwhelmed it's like i have sorry if

you get home because i have to walk him


and so i try to walk biscuit every

single day but

every time he needs to pee i kind of

just open the balcony door and he goes

on the pad he'll poop on there as well

and so

it took him a little while to get used

to the pad but now

he will literally like pee on commands

i'll open the door and say like

peepee and he will literally pee like

then and there

and it has been a huge lifesaver not

having to

go down and take him out all the time

another tip i have for you guys is on

your days off or when you're not so

busy is to try to exercise your dog as

much as you can

and so i try to take biscuit to the dog

parks on my days off

just because i know he's lacking some

exercise on the days that i'm busy or


and so i have a problem with feeling

guilty and so i try to make up for it by

you know giving him like extra exercise

on the days that i

am working biscuit

you see he needs supino that's his way

of letting me know

and so that way your dog is still

getting exercise they're not just laying

around being lazy

you know every single day they're still

getting some kind of like

excitement and play time and a little

bit of freedom

also even days that you are busy just

something like a five or ten minute walk

can make a huge difference just getting

your dog out of the house it makes them

less antsy and less

wild up so every time that i come home

after my long shifts i always always

walk him in the morning i'll either like

let him run around in the dog park or

just do some

a little walk something to just get out

all that energy he's probably been

building up being stuck in the house all

night long

and the last tip i'm going to share with

you guys if if possible

i know people that do this is they find


little doggy daycare i found places that

charge like between 20 and 35

ish i think dollars a day for a

um like a doggy daycare if you're

feeling like guilty about leaving your


at home all day or not comfortable with

him being home all day

they have a lot of like doggy daycare

options i personally don't do it because

there are no doggy nightcare days it's

like it's just boarding at night and it

kind of gets expensive

and especially if i were to do that

every single day

um that might be something i would

consider if i had to do something like

work like four five six 12 13 hour

shifts in a row where he would i know he

would get like no exercise and be stuck

in the house all day

i might try to like squeeze in like one

doggie daycare

if that was like possible for me but if

that's an option for you that's

something that you could definitely look


i hope you guys learned a little

something from this video if it was

helpful at all

you guys have any tips to share down

below definitely

leave your comments let me know how you

guys take care of your dogs on your

busy schedules if you're a nurse how you

maintain working such long shifts and

having an animal at home

thank you guys so much for watching and

i'll see you in the next video