Day in the Life of an RSPCA Animal Care Assistant: Dogs

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so in reality we don't just come in and

cuddle and walk all the dogs be an

animal care assistant i Jobs was

involved mainly the clean in on the SS

in I clean in take this up to at least

three hours this is just to make sure

all the kind of the deeply clean to

start contamination make sure dogs are

nice and settled it's warm it's dry

everything that they needed to feel at

home master with us so we've come in the

morning the Chuckle dogs to make sure

they're all ok then we feed our dogs

like only have our treatment so I blurt

slight ear drops of eye drops that we

need to do feeding can take a cut why

depend on my dogs you've got some dogs

can have different fees different

amounts give them all that food and then

we clean our insides our kennels which

includes sticking up the poo got to

scrub each individual cow check their

beds make sure they will clear and

change their toys as we circled all that

we then hose them all out within

squeegee learn make sure the water is

gone we even finish the water bowls

change the bedding we also change the

toys which is everyday they have a

different amount toys they can have so

the Monday it could be squeaky toys or

Tuesday blue balls just exchanging more

keep it excited and then we'll do

exactly the same on the outside it does

take quite a while or morning because

there's quite a lot of kennels it clean

then after lunch we then do a second

fuse any dogs around three meals a day

could be pop here the fish skinny and

pick up who's on the outside make sure

that's our pian and then our dogs are

newly come in and we booked them in so

that includes vaccinating kennel cough

worms lay health check after you

download that and they're all sort of

all health foods no issues we then

assess them this includes buffing me

male and female dogs trying with toys on

the lead after lead with new people new

surroundings just to make sure

everything's all clear and the look of

one knee coming for adoption and they

have the bad people that can deal with

them after we do or that we do the

adoptions this could be where someone

has come down to see a dog we go through

their paperwork and dogs paperwork to

make sure that the great dog for them

that their suit is for the dog or if

people come down to avoid a dog some

reserved like to spend time with their

dogs we do that as well get the dogs out

for them after that about three o'clock

that's when we start feeding again so we

do all the feared treatments again that

we have to do so the trouble appears in

the eyes any treatment like that I'm so

fed we have to fill their water bowls up

again we don't shut them all on the

inside and clean all their outside can

once again so overall our job is quite

hard work a lot of physical stuff

involved as well but it's also very

rewarding especially when seeing when

the dogs come in and they've come from

bad homes or unwanted seeing them

flourish here and be able to personalize

can a character but when they go home

for such lovely homes people that really

want to look after them it's really

really rewarding it's best part of the

job and we can see all the hard work

that we've put into them and it just

makes it all really worth it