This Test Will Reveal Which Dog Breed Best Suits You

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what dog fits you best

finding the right canine companion can

be quite a challenge just like humans

each dog breed has its own traits and

unique characteristics but knowing a bit

more about your own personality can help

you find out which pooch matches your

lifestyle the most and we at 1million

tests are here to help you with it

are you ready just choose your answers

and count your stars you'll have 10

questions and 5 seconds to decide

remember to let me know about your

results in the comment section below

Ready Steady Go

do you enjoy hosting parties hi

absolutely loved host party

I do enjoy hosting small gatherings of

my close friends now I'm not really a

big fan of parties in general are you

going to host any party this summer

what's the occasion you're stars one two

three question number two are you

someone who enjoys cuddling I can only

stand to be cuddled for a few minutes

before I start getting antsy I might be

in the mood for that once in a while I

can't get enough they say each person

needs eight hugs per day to stay happy

do you get this amount of hogs on a

daily basis catch the stars two three

question number three your go-to way to

unwind after a long day is go out with

friends bake some cookies pull out a

movie and maybe invite a few good

friends over just order takeout and

binge watch terrible reality TV did you

have a hard day today what was hard

about it looking forward to seeing your

answers in the comments your stars one

two three

question number four are you a healthy

eater yes very much so

nope I like balanced cookie in one hand

top salad in the other what did you have

for breakfast today

was it a healthy meal your stars three

two question number five are you the

life of the party yes for the most part

I let others take the spotlight

confident enough to know I'm still a

star are you enjoying our videos as much

as we enjoy doing them for you to share

this quiz with your best friends so that

they can enjoy our test too here are the

stars one two three


question number six which of the

following words best matches your

personality sharp alert

so eat this time it might be a bit hard

to choose the answer especially when

more than one option sounds true about

you or am I wrong

sharp gets one star alert gets two stars

sweet gets three stars question number

seven are you mischievious yes

intentionally I can't be occasionally

but I never mean to know you can be

mischievous and harmless playful ways or

you might also use this word to describe

behavior that's more than just a little

naughty your stars one two three

question number eight how regularly

would you take your dog to the groomers

I'd make an appointment at least a few

times each year I might take the dog

there for a special occasion I don't

think we'd ever go there how far is the

closest dog's grooming salon from your


what's his name your stars three two one

question number nine where will your dog

sleep at night in a dog bed in another

room or outside on the floor in my room

in bed with me I really love dog they're

like children they know if you really

love them or not your stars one two


question number 10 do you have a yard

for your dog to run in I don't have a

yard we'd have to go for a walk or to

the park I have a pretty sizable yard

that is fenced I have a little bit of

space for the dog to get some exercise

my time with you always flies by very

quickly guys that's the final question

of the quiz and the final bunch of stars

1 2 3 yes you did it are you ready for

the results

just add up your points and let's see

what you got you got from 10 to 15 husky

oh boy

these dogs are the life of the party

probably the most outgoing dog breed

ever they are loyal friendly funny and

even a little mischievious they get

along well with other dogs love family

life and have very little doggie odor

unlike other breeds but they are pretty

demanding in terms of physical activity

they expect you to keep up and when you

can't they don't quite understand all

they want to do is play

you got from sixteen to twenty golden

retriever you are sweet cute kind and

very approachable cuddling is pretty

high up on your list of abilities and

you love making new friends with anyone

who crosses your path you're very

playful and you love to take trips to

the park you're able to adjust to major

changes pretty quickly and you're simply

a very pleasant person to be around you

got from 21 to 25 Corgi Courtney's are

pretty much known for being fluffy

adorable short and super bootylicious

but these Welsh dogs are also lovable

affectionate smart and alert natural

herders they are more like agile little

tanks than anything but don't be fooled

they are super amazing companions loyal

and loving they are the ones that will

protect you ward off trouble and still

go back to sitting down next to you

smiling and ready to watch you eat some

mac and cheese you got from 26 to 30

Maltese often described as gentle

playful and charming this toy breed is

calm and pretty hassle-free

sure there's some grooming involved but

all-in-all multis dogs are seven pounds

of chill

they love reward-based training and are

quite adaptable despite what their looks

may portray aristocrat or not this is

the dog that'll just want to binge watch

cheesy movies and eat a whole bag of

chips with you what result did you get

please tell us about it in the comment

section below thanks for watching and

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