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oh hi my name is Bea like the letter B

this is made to the brown bear and this

is my little pet dog Sweet Pea and today

we are going to learn how to take care

of a pet I love my little pet sweet pea

she's so kind and gentle oh I have an


why don't we list all the animals that

could be our pets do you want to do that

hmm okay you could have a dog's a pet or

a cat a fish a bird a hamster a guinea

pig a snake a lizard or you could even

have a rabbit as a pet there are so many

different kinds of pets do you have a

pet hmm what kind of pet do you have now

if you don't have a pet that's okay too

not everybody has a pet owning a pet

comes with a lot of responsibilities and

jobs to help keep your pet safe and

Hemme Oh would you like to learn what I

do to take care of my pet dog sweepy you

in front of us are all the things I use

to take care of my dogs sweeping first

our pets need to be fed food and water

every single day I use this light blue

bowl for water and this orange bowl for

dog food

sweetpea are you thirsty


let's see this water right here good and

now we'll take some dog food and we'll

put it in this bowl please me pee are

you hungry

let's see if she's hungry he's hungry

next I need to make sure that my dog

goes to the bathroom in the morning and

at night she also lets me know when she

has to go to the bathroom during the day

as well

now we also have to make sure that our

pets get a lot of exercise and play I

use this purple leash in front of me to

take sweetpea on a walk every single day

now we take this little hook on the

leash and we hook it right here onto her

collar and I can hold on to the purple

leash while Sweet Pea takes a walk one

of the most important things you need to

know about having a pet is that you have

to be very very gentle no matter what

kind of pet you have a lizard a hamster

a bird a cat dog you have to be very

gentle with them you cannot poke them or

pull them or push them you have to be

very very good

at your pet you have to do it very

softly like this you see that I'm being

very gentle and kind she likes that

mm-hmm see how calm she is you see that

mate uh hmm

you want to try okay go for it

oh oh good child mater that was very

soft you see you have to be very gentle

with your bed and the last thing that

you need to do when you have a pet and

it's very very important is to get them

lots of love and attention

pets are just like us they need to be

loved and they need attention you can

gently hug your pet you can play with

your pet you can talk to your pet you

can even sing you met a song I have a

brush right here Sweet Pea loves to be

brushed it makes her feel so Sweet Pea





okay it looks like Sweet Pea is getting

very tired mm-hmm I'm going to put her

in her bed so she can take a nap do you

know what time it is it's time to dance

this is where we stop what we're doing

stand up and dance you can do whatever

dance move you feel like doing Oh

Shh oh look it's pinky the boombox

hi pinky the boombox okay thank you idea

train all right I will put pinky right


pinky plays our music we take this green

cassette tape and we put it in here can

we close it up then we will push the

button with the triangle on it the play

button are you ready to dance yes okay

I'm going to push the button now


there was a lot of fun okay let's get

back to what we were doing me too

I have a surprise for you do you hear


it's the idea train and loop mater it's

a goldfish okay let's put this goldfish

right here thank you idea train look at

that it's swimming all around inside its

ball mater I would like to give you this

goldfish as your first pet would you

like to take on the responsibilities and

the jobs of taking care of this fish

okay so remember you have to one feed

your fish every single day

this is fish food and you also have to

clean his bowl every now and then and

you have to give it lots of love and

respect be very gentle with the fish

don't poke the bowl

don't hit the bowl don't touch the fish

you can

give it love by talking to him or

singing him a song meter would you like

to feed your fish up some fish food just

a tiny little bit see that and we'll put

it in the bowl


get that meat up the food is floating on

top of the water do you think the fish

will eat the food mm-hmm yes a mate to

have a question for you hmm what would

you like to name your fish Giada whoa

that's a great name

Giada Giada the goldfish that was a lot

of fun learning how to take care of a

pet if you want to watch more made two

videos search natus name-o do you know

how to spell mate his name let's do it


M a Y T Bay mate

then type the brown bam thank you so

much for spending your time with mate

and myself and learning how to take care

of a pet until next time