How to Raise a Dog When You're Busy

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Oh Oh No wouldn't you do you can't just

take him out of here that was really

greedy of you you're acting like a pig

you also sound like one too

thank you Rover for sponsoring this

video I'm hanging out with Stitch the

French Bulldog today we're doing some

training having a good time who's got

ears like this I mean look at those give

him a thumbs up and make sure you're

subscribed to my channel too there's no

getting around it having a dog requires

a ton of your time but does being busy

means you shouldn't have a dog at all or

is it possible to raise a well-adjusted

dog if you're a busy person I'm gonna

give you some advice today on what to do

if you're really busy but you're still

confident that you can provide a great

life for your dog stitches off to a good

start on this training let's see what

he's learned so far and maybe we can

teach them some new stuff too

look at this sock oh yeah so look at

this oh that's fun the newer your dog is

to their home the more time and

attention they're going to require

throughout the day so oftentimes you're

gonna need to make special arrangements

especially if you've got a younger dog

where did that athleticism come from

routine is so important when you're

raising a dog but if you're a busy

person sometimes it's hard to keep a

routine that's also convenient for you

you are gifted a tug-of-war do you know

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their quirks so that they can take those

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and Rover is making it easier than ever

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person to care for your dog giving dogs

regular walks and outside time is a

fantastic way to curb unwanted behaviors

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chewing so go to rover's website or

download the app create an account and

make a booking check the description for

a direct link there's no doubt that if

you're busy it can be more complicated

raising a dog let's see how your sit

looks so let's cover some additional

tips that will make keeping your job and

keeping your dog happy at the same time

much easier how about your down stitch

we'll do everything but I'm treating

them every single time let's see if we

can get them to do a number of those

things without me having to reward every

time down good if you have to leave your

dog alone for more than four to five

hours at a time then it's a really good

idea to get up extra early to give your

dog significant age-appropriate exercise

just before leaving I got him to do lots

of things in a row that's what you want

to do with your dog as they start to

prove that they understand stuff make

sense if you get all of that overflowing

energy out of your dog before you leave

they're a lot more likely to be content

and well behaved while you're gone and

there'll be a lot less likely to become

destructive or bark excessively let's

see how is leave it training looks good

impulse control seven months on this

planet and as much as he loves treats

he's mostly looking it alone it's

important to optimize your time so when

you do have some free time schedule your

social events around

that you can involve your dog or take

your dog for example maybe a dog

friendly bar a part or a festival go out

of your way to do this I mean seriously

this will go a long way to making your

dog happier and ensuring that the well

socialized and well-adjusted dogs let's

see if you know Shane yes oh look at

that yes I want the other hand yes that

is YouTube worthy right there buddy

if you do happen to have one or two

extra days off during the week schedule

an extra active day for your dog for

example when my three Border Collies

were at their peak I might extend their

frisbee training session one day or make

a half day of going to the park with

them if I knew I was gonna be busy that

week or if I knew that weather was gonna

be bad for the next few days

like people a properly maintained

athletic dog is going to need recovery

time and for you that equals better

behavior while you're gone in fact this

can give you an extra 1 to 2 days per

week of low-maintenance dog raising as

they recover from that heavy exercise

day let's see if we can learn something

new if you have a roommate or a

significant other who's helping out with

your dog make sure that you guys are

both on the same page relating to your

dog's routine so that your dog barely

misses you while you're gone you can see

the extra effort that time of course

ultimately it's your responsibility to

raise train and care for your dog can

you spin oh there we go

if you've weighed all the pros and cons

and determined that you're probably too

busy for a dog then wait until life

slows down a bit but if you're prepared

to dedicate the time to your dog and you

just need a little bit of extra help

from time to time then go for it if you

want to optimize your dog's success and

their happiness go to rover's website or

download the app create an account and

make a booking check the description for

a direct link I'll have the details in

the description click thumbs up for

stitch he did a great job today and make

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so proud of stitch what a good boy he is

I'll see you next time

good job stitch