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okay Vettes is a 13 year old golden

retriever a black lab mix and he is deaf

some some of you may have dogs that

still have a little bit of hearing

Bettis is not one of those kinds of dogs

he is completely deaf we've tried

several different hearing tests on him

and he's failed everyone so we're pretty

confident he's like a hundred percent


so just a little background on mr.

Bennett's here okay so tip number one I

would suggest that you start using hand

signals with your dog as soon as you

think there might be something going on

with their hearing and quite honestly

it's probably a good idea for like a

larger dog just start using hand signals

more once they reach probably around ten

years of age we're just a senior in

general so if your dog is a senior it's

probably a good idea for you to start

using more hand signals so just they

don't have to be anything really

specific you don't have to get fancy

with anything I mean Thetis understands

with like a flat palm we just kind of

push down on the floor he knows that

that means sit or lay down if we point

our finger in a certain direction he

knows to go that way or this way and

it's pretty simple stuff it doesn't have

to be you don't have to be a dog trainer

you know to do that so just keep it

simple but kind of talk with your hands

okay tip number two I would suggest that

you make sure that you tell your family

and your friends and probably especially

your neighbors that your dog is deaf

that's really a courtesy thing to them

and also it's for your dog's safety so

if you know your dog is outside at like

10:00 o'clock at night and they're

barking her head off and your neighbors

like why are they doing that they're not

going to get as angry or upset with you

if they know that you know peek in here

and also if your dog were to ever get

out of your yard or will be walking

around the neighborhood they're going to

know that they need to go up to the dog

that they're not going to respond with

just them yelling

so I think that's really important

number three is I think it's really nice

if you can get your dog some kind of

wearable tag I hope I really don't want

he doesn't sit up because he's kind of

comfortable now I'm gonna twist this

over but I hope that you can see that in

the video but it's just a little tag

that I put it on his collar that says

death kind of again in the off chance

that he would get out someone were to

find him they would realize that ok this

dog can't hear me alright

number four we keep a pretty bright it's

an LED flashlight kind of sitting by our

back door so whenever Bettis is out in

the yard if we need to get his attention

you can just flash this you can see he

just looked so it's a really great way

to grab his attention quickly if you

need to okay what else do we do so other

ways to get your dog's attention they

can't hear you we will like stomp on the

floor sometimes if I come home my

grocery shopping or something and he's

asleep way I will stomp on floor you can

feel the vibrations in the floor and

that will wake him up flicking on the

lights in the bedroom will wake him up

what else if your dog is not 100% deaf

like venice's you could try using like a

dog whistle or like banging pots and

pans things like that if you know they

may respond to that higher frequency of

a dog whistle but again if they're

totally gone like that it says more like

vibrations and you know the light that's

gonna get their attention and let's say

finally number five is never allow your

dog off a leash and that should be

pretty obvious why because you're not

gonna be able to call them back to you

so if you're like an avid dog walker or

runner and you're in the woods and you

typically lick them off the leash I

would stop doing that and immediately

that's pretty unsafe so those are my

five tips but I think I'd like to close

and saying that if you're you know new

to just finding out that your dog is


I understand that it's it's a little

difficult at first like I was pretty

emotional about it when we first found

out that thatis lost his hearing just it

made me sad that I wouldn't be able to

you know tell him but he's a good boy I

love him and things like that but he

really has adapted so well and you know

we just need to remember that when they

lose one sense the other senses do

heighten and he is totally happy he's

fine he's not suffering in any way so

don't feel like you know your dog is

missing out on anything they are

wonderful at adapting so your dog will

be fine and you will be fine okay I hope

that helps you guys I'll see you in my

next video