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Oh feisty okay so today I'm gonna talk

to you guys about how to bottle feed a

baby lamb

so flames can be orphaned for a variety

of reasons either the mother died giving

birth or she rejected the baby or she

had multiple babies and she didn't have

enough milk um this guys excited for his

milk or she didn't have it up milk to

feed all of her babies so you may find

yourself in a situation where you

actually need to bottle feed your lamb

okay so one of the first questions is

how often should you be feeding so um

basically up until the first month

you're gonna want to be feeding every

four hours and so that includes during

the middle of the night so it is

definitely definitely a commitment if

your lamb has not received colostrum

from the mother within the first 24 or

48 hours then you'll need to also

supplement with milk with that after the

first four weeks are over then you can

start feeding just three times a day

when I first got him he was really

really sick and he couldn't actually

stand so ideally when you're bottle

feeding you have them standing but so I

had to hold him and actually syringe

feed him because he just didn't have

that suckle reflex so sometimes it takes

them a while to develop that so when you

feed bottle feed I recommend over an

actual human bottle like this I

recommend getting these uh these nipples

that you can get at like tractor supply

they have the yellow and red they seem

to of my own experience they seem to

take really well to these and what's

great is that you can actually just

screw them onto any regular soda bottle

and they're super easy to use what I do

with him is I'll turn him this way here

you go

and so so when he cuz they tend to back

up so that way he just kind of backs up

into me and he can't really go anywhere

and it's just sort of easy to do now if

you have to syringe feed because they

can't suckle yet um he actually took a

while to develop his suckle response so

one thing that you can do is just kind

of rub your hands down their neck just

and also you want to really make sure

that they're actually swallowing that's

what you're gonna want to look for but

so you can you can do this um you can

also one your first book see now he's

already when he was younger I'd have to

do this for him I'd actually have to

like make like a circle you and sort of

pry his mouth open and then stick the

nipple in and you can also kind of like

rub their tongue to to try to stimulate

the suckle response but um you're feisty

bud yeah but anyways yeah so the most

the best thing is for them to be

standing if possible while they're

drinking and then also have the bottle

tilted up right to prevent them from

swallowing and air bubbles

so the other big question is how much to

feed so you're gonna obviously increase

their intake as they get older but as a

general rule sheep should be fed 20

percent of their body weight so for the

first two weeks you're gonna want to

feed every four hours 200 milliliters

and then at weeks three and four you can

up that to 500 milliliters and then

weeks five and six you can increase to

700 milliliters and then after that

you're gonna want to start gradually

weaning them off nice job bud look at

you go look at that milk mustache

oh my goodness buddy milk is so fun yeah

yeah and then he's indoors for now so

one thing you can do if you have a limb

that's gotta stay indoors for whatever

reason if he's injured or needs extra

monitoring or if it's too cold outside

for them

you can go to Tractor Supply and buy

pine pellets and the smell of pine

pellets actually induces urination so

he's taken really well to it I think I

may have myself a litter box trained

sheep so yes it usually smells that and

and it it doesn't take him actually too

long to then start going of the any

poops in there too so he's pooping now

good job

litter box trained lamby haha you're

doing so good what a good lamb you want

a good lay oh yeah okay so the main key

pieces of information for you guys are

to bottle feed every four hours up until

they're about a month old

that includes during the evening and for

the first two weeks feed about 200

milliliters perfuming and then you can

always move up from there always have

water out available for them and then

after their two weeks old you can start

offering them orchard grass and hay see

if they'll take at it they may look

nibble on it a little bit but at least

you can put it out there and start

offering it to them

but this guy has done amazing we've only

had him for a week he is now three weeks

old and when we rescued him he could not

even stand up for more than a couple

seconds on his own and he obviously

couldn't stand long enough to nurse from

mom so he was very emaciated very weak

he could barely hold his own neck up and

now he is doing great and he's deriving

look at you Bubba you you you you're

just cute a little eerie oh I'll let you

go anyways if you want to follow along

on his progress you can follow us on

instagram at living with pickles we have

a whole plethora of edibles and we were

always rescuing more but feel free to

comment below if you have any questions

and we send you lots of love and we'll

see you next time